Bet365 regularly run an in play offer that is worth around £35 in risk free cash. This guide will show you how to complete it, with some different approaches depending on your appetite for risk.

What You’ll Need

  • £100 in your Bet365 account
  • At least £350 in your Exchange Account
  • Time during the game to place your back and lay in play bets

1Qualifying Bet

To qualify you need to place a £50 pre match bet on the featured game. Place a normal back and lay bet that will give you the lowest qualifying loss, aim for around £2.00 if you can.

2In-Play Bet

Once the game kicks off, you need to place an in play bet with your own money (hence why you need £100 in your account). This will be refunded if your bet loses. We calculate this as an Free SNR bet even though it’s your own funds, because you get the £50 regardless of the result, so it’s essentially a free bet.

The best time to do this is at half time when the odds settle down and there isn’t the chance of a team scoring whilst placing your bets.

Aim for a profit of at least £35 when you are using the calculator.  Once you have placed this bet you will have locked in the profit regardless of the outcome.

See the video below of us completing the Bet365 in play offer

Alternative Strategies

There are some other strategies if you want to take more of a risk, you can see them discussed here.