How to Play Slots?

For the purposes of this article when we talk about slots, we mean video slots, as these are the ones that you will be playing with your bonus cash. There are other types of slots, such as one arm bandits and fruit machines, but these are normally found in brick and mortar casinos and pubs in the UK. You can find them in online casinos, but you will normally be playing multi line/reel video slots.

Number of Reels

The number of reels refers to the number of vertical columns with symbols on that spin round and stop to make up the winning combinations. Most video slots have between 5 and 9 Reels, most will have 5 reels.



Each reel has a number of symbols and (sometimes) bonus symbols. If you are playing a 5 reel slot you will need to match 3 or more symbols in a particular way (known as a line) from left to right to win a certain amount.


The lines refer to the number of lines that you can match symbols along to get a win. The traditional win line that most people will be familiar with is the line horizontally across the middle of the reels. With video slots you can have additional pay lines, and these can include diagonals, V shapes, and a lot of combinations in between.

With some slots you will get the option to increase or decrease the number of winning lines that you are playing, others will be static. With some slots additional paying lines will only become unlocked during bonus rounds.
The more lines you play, the higher the cost per spin (you bet a certain number of coins per line), but the greater the chance of winning. We recommend going for maximum lines when playing through slots bonuses.

The image below shows an example of different paylines.

Pay Lines


In a lot of cases the number of coins refers to the number of coins that you want to bet per line. Let’s say that the slot you are paying has 25 pay lines and you select 2 coins, you will be betting 50 coins per spin.
When it comes to wins on a particular line, you will usually multiply the win by the number of coins you are betting per line. For example, if the pay table says that a particular combination along a line wins 100 coins, you would actually win 200 coins if you bet 2 coins per line.

In certain games, the big jackpots and wins can only be fully won by betting the maximum amount per line and having all lines selected. Anything less than this will mean you only win a proportion of the jackpots.

Coin Value

The coin value is the actual value that you want to place on each coin that you are betting. Continuing the example above, let’s say that you bet 2 coins per line and there are 25 pay lines which makes 50 coins per spin. If you chose £0.50 per coin, that would equate to £25 per spin.

To trigger the maximum jackpots with the majority of games, you would need to bet the maximum coin value per spin. If you don’t, it will mean that you win a proportion of any jackpot.

Coin Value

Bet Level

Some slots have a bet level. This is just another way of manipulating your total bet amount. All it does is multiply your coin value by the level that you select. For example, if your coin value is £0.50 and you are playing 50 coins on level 2, then you would be playing £0.50 x 50, in other words £25 per spin.


Bonus Symbols

Many of the slots that you play will have bonus symbols. Normally when you hit 3-5 of these symbols you will enter a bonus round with free spins and/ or multiplier rounds. Multipliers multiply your winnings on the free spins by X amount and this is where you can normally hit the big wins.

Bonus Symbols

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