Keeping Your Accounts Open

Now that you’ve opened a lot of your accounts, it’s important to try and keep as many of them open as you can. With some of the larger betting accounts worth up to £200 per month in profit, it’s well worth investing some time to try and and keep your accounts open.

There are 2 things that bookmakers really don’t like and these are winners and bonus abusers, so it’s really important that you don’t come across as either of these types of players, whilst extracting profit steadily over time.

It’s also important to point out that keeping your accounts open can be something of an artform rather than a science. You can follow all the hints and tips outlined here, but still receive the dreaded email that you have been excluded from any future bonuses.

That said there are some practical steps that you can take to make your accounts look like a normal punter, that loses regularly, but that just can’t resist coming back for more. We’ll outline these techniques below.

Mug Bet on Popular Events and Favourites.

A mug bet is a bet for “mugs”. In other words these are popular bets that a lot of punters would win. For example Betting on Manchester City to beat Watford. It’s a popular event, you would expect Manchester City to beat Watford (sorry Watford fans) and lots of people would be betting on it, because it’s a Premier League fixture. Remember to always back and lay and look to lose no more than £1.00 on a £50 bet or £0.50 on a £25 bet.

If You Match Bet on Football Mug Bet Football

If you are taking advantage of lots of the football offers, make sure you are mug betting on football. If you are (matched) betting on the horses all day and then just placing a bet on the football whenever a bonus comes around, it will mark you out as a bonus abuser and is a sure fire way to get banned from future bonuses.

It’s the same with horse racing too, if you like the horse racing offers, make sure that you are mug betting the horses lots and not just betting on the featured race every day where there is a bonus available. When you mug bet horses also try and back and lay favourites, as that’s what the majority of punters do.

Pick a Team and Bet on Them Every Game

Do you have a favourite team? If not then choose one and bet on them every time that they play (laying off your bets of course). Mug punters love to bet on their beloved team and you should be doing this too.

Don´t Pick Obscure Events to Bet On

You might have already done this (most of us have in our relentless search for maximum profit), but picking Azerbaijan V North Korea to bet on is a sure fire way to get your account flagged for unusual betting. When doing sign up offers and when we’re new to this game, most often we’ll pick the maximum profit/ minimum loss without looking at the event. It’s time to stop doing that and sacrifice some profit to make more “natural” looking bets. Think about all the points above and then bet accordingly. Of course if you are from Azerbaijan or North Korea, keep betting on the side that you have allegiance to and it will look more natural.

Place 2 Mug Bets for Every Bonus You Take Up

As we mentioned earlier, the bookmakers hate a bonus abuser, so it’s important that you look like you enjoy betting without the offers. As a general rule, try to place at least 2 mug bets for every bonus that you claim. Now this shouldn’t be exact, try and avoid betting patterns as that’s not how a normal punter would bet, just throw in some mug bets on popular events in the area that you claim bonuses for to make it look as though you’re not just there for the bonus cash.

If You Win Big at a Bookmaker Mug Bet the Winnings into Your Exchange Account

This kills 2 birds with one stone. It makes you look like a losing account and transfers your funds back into your exchange account to use on more offers. You want to avoid withdrawing as much as possible and this is the best way to get your money out of a bookmaker account. Again just make sure you mug bet on popular events.

Don’t Take Up Every Offer Straight Away

New accounts are watched like a hawk for bonus abusing behaviour. This is frustrating because when you first start matched betting you’ll be tempted to take every bonus offer that comes your way. Resist the temptation. Yes take the odd in play bonus, or bet on the odd horse race that offers money back if 2nd etc, but don’t make this the backbone of your betting. Keep doing a load of mug bets, build a normal pattern of behaviour before taking the bookmaker for all he’s worth. Slow steady profits can be had if you look like a losing punter.

Forget All of the above and Make Hay Whilst the Sun Shines

As we mentioned at the start of this article, keeping betting accounts open can be more of an art than a science. You may do all of this and still get the email saying you will no longer receive any bonuses. Some people therefore choose to just take every bonus that they can as often as they can until their account gets closed or limited. Some people even do this and managed to keep a couple of accounts open for years, but this is the exception rather than the norm. If you don’t intend to match bet forever, or you just need to make a lot of cash quickly this may be an option for you.

We don’t know which is the better strategy to be honest and both have their merits, it maybe depends on how badly you want to keep accounts open and make longer term profits, rather than as much money as quickly as possible. It’s really up to you.

Don´t Just Deposit the Minimum Amount to Get the Bonus

The bookmakers run automated checks to mark out bonus abusers. One of these checks is accounts that deposit the bare minimum to get the bonus. To combat this deposit more (we show the amount with some bookmakers) than the minimum amount to bypass these flags. Don’t worry you won’t need to bet with it and can still withdraw it once you’ve completed the offer.