Ladbrokes Draw Refund Lock In



It is possible to lock in profit on Ladbrokes draw refund reload, which refunds losing correct score, halftime/fulltime and first goal scorer bets up to £25 if the game ends in a draw. Here’s how it works:

1. Place qualifying bets

First, place a qualifying back bet and lay it. You’ll need to select a bet that will automatically lose if the bet ends in a draw. Avoid the first goal scorer market as it’s not possible to exclude a draw when betting on this market. Bets that will definitely lose if there’s a draw are:

  • Correct score bets on a winning scoreline. E.g. 1 – 0, 1 – 2, etc.
  • Half-time / Full-time bets where one team either wins both halves, or wins one half and draws the other. Do not bet on one team to win one half and the other team to win the other half, as this can result in a draw.

Try to keep qualifying loss as low as possible, as profit margins can be tight with this lock in.



2. Lay the draw to lock in profit

This reload is triggered if two conditions are met:

  • Your qualifying bet loses.
  • The game results in a draw.

Since you’ve picked a bet that will lose if the game is a draw, you know that condition 1 will always be satisfied if condition 2 is satisfied. Therefore, if the game is a draw, you will get a free £25 bet. In effect, this is a free bet on the game ending in a draw, which will return another free bet of £25 if it wins. Because you know that the game resulting in a draw will earn you a free £25 bet (which we’d expect to take £20 of value from), you can lay the draw outcome to guarantee profit.

In the manual calculator, select bet type as “SNR” (since this is a free bet - no deduction should be made from your balance and no stake will be returned). Next, set the back odds to 2.0 and the back stake to £20. This will set the back return to £20, which is the value you’d expect to take from your free bet. Now select the exchange and enter the current lay odds of the draw outcome to calculate the right lay to lock in profit.




3. Wait for result

Now that you have placed your second lay bet, you have locked in profit. If the match doesn’t end in a draw, your second lay bet will win, earning you instant profit. If the match does end in a draw, your second lay bet will lose, but you will be get a £25 free bet from Ladbrokes, which you can back and lay to make your profit.