If you are new to matched betting you’ll probably want to know how best to go about matched betting and in what order you should complete things in. This article attempts to guide you through the process, to ensure that you continue to make good profits beyond the signup offers.

Step 1 - Complete The Signup Offers

These are your bread and butter. Especially if you are starting with a low betting bank. We have listed the signup offers in order of ease to extract the bonus cash. If you are a premium member and are part of the premium facebook group (we highly recommend joining), you will see lots of posts talking about the reloads, ignore these if you haven’t done at least 80% of the signup bonuses and are familiar with matched betting and how it works.

Step 2 - Start Completing Risk Free Reloads

Once you have completed the majority of the signup bonuses, it’s time to try your hand at reload bonuses. The reloads do require a bit more work than the signups, but the key is to learn how to do them and then keep taking them up when they are available. The other point is that you will need a wide range of bookmaker accounts open in order to complete the maximum amount of reloads, hence the reason for completing over 80% of the signup bonuses first.

How Do Reload Bonuses Differ From Signup Bonuses?

The big advantage that signups have over reloads is that you can do the signups whenever you like, they are not time sensitive. Reloads are normally based around sporting events, be it a specific football match or day’s racing. Reloads are further split into ones that guarantee a profit and ones that will give you a profit if a certain event occurs (a team hits the crossbar, horse comes second etc).

Which Reloads Do I Start With?

Start with any reloads that guarantee profit. These are the reloads that have a green tick in the guaranteed profit column on the reloads page. These can range from bet £X get £Y in Play, to bet £x Per week and get a £Y free bet, or just a free bet that is being offered during a sporting event. Once you understand these and are making profit from them you can move on to reloads that trigger a profit if a certain event occurs.

When Are Most Reloads Available?

Saturday and Sunday are by far your most profitable days for reloads. This is then added to when large sporting events are on such as The Champions League, The Euros/ World Cup, Cheltenham Races etc. If you can be available to take advantage of these reloads when they come up they are very profitable.

Step 3 Making Money From Reloads That Aren’t Guaranteed

A lot of people ask if you can still make money from reloads that aren’t guaranteed profit. The answer is absolutely you can, but to do so you need to wait until there are close matches available. You want to ensure that you are getting the chance to hit the refund or free bet with as small a qualifying loss as possible. Our reload feed can help hugely in identifying these offers as they become available. Just load it up and wait for the matches to come to you.

There are other factors that come into it. If you are looking at getting a refund on a first goalscorer offer for example (you get the refund if you bet on a first goalscorer market and they score 2nd) you should be prepared to lose more on a player like Ronaldo or Messi because they simply have more chance of scoring and therefore scoring second.

The same applies to second place refunds in horse racing. Take a bigger loss on a favourite, as it has a much better chance of coming second than a 20-1 shot. The key with triggered reloads is to take close matched qualifying bets and less is most certainly more.

Step 4 - Complete Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are great because they can be completed when you like. They are great to complete when there aren’t any reloads available. There is a mixture of low risk and risk free offers available and all come with a strategy showing you how to complete. We also post offers to the facebook section, so make sure you keep an eye out for these too.