For fun, some people like to play online video games or spend their time doing some virtual window-shopping. Others, however, believe that if they’re going to be “hanging out” online, they might as well be making some money while they’re at it, for those, online gambling is their pastime of choice. In recent years, online casino sites have multiplied in number in response to the notable surge in demand for their services. Especially during last year when the whole world went under lockdown for months, online casino sites were some of the few outlets available for people to distract themselves from the morbid situation that was going on around. Since all online casinos need to follow the local laws and regulations enforced by the country they operate in, there’s no such thing as the best online casino in the world. However, if you’re based in the UK and wish to navigate the space of new online casino sites to find the ones that are worth your time and money, then you’re in luck. Below you’ll find a list of new casino sites in the UK that you can check out if you want to make money and have fun. But first, let’s go through some of the criteria that you need to look out for when comparing different casino sites.

Required Licenses and Permits

It’s understandable that engaging in any gambling activities on or off-line comes with its own set of risks. Before you share any personal information, you need to make sure that the casino site has all of the proper licenses and permits needed for legitimate operation inside the UK. Established sites will always share their license and registration number on the home page for players to see. However, if you don’t see one on any site, you can always send an inquiry to their customer service asking for these essential details. If you get back a shady answer along the lines of “it’s still under process” or “it’s confidential”, it’s best to drop this site and not waste your time. 

Featured Games

This is one of the basic pieces of information that you’d want to look up when you’re trying to make up your mind about a casino site. It’s all about how versatile the casino site is when it comes to its collection of games. Usually, new casino sites in the uk offer a wide variety of popular games like 3D roulette and live table games in order to attract players away from older, long-established platforms. Some even conduct regular surveys to identify their subscribers' preferences and make sure that they stay relevant and up to date. Focus on the games you like and research which casino sites offer the best versions so you can limit your choices by exclusion. 

Offered Promotions

Regular players always like to check out new casino sites because of the tempting promotions they offer when they first launch. To create traffic, casino sites will usually offer first-time players flexible terms and conditions to register and set up an account with little to no money. In addition, new sites sometimes also give their players access to lucrative bonuses every time they make a win on their platform. While playing for fun might be your main focus when choosing an online casino, there’s certainly no harm in making use of those profitable deals. 

The points mentioned above are only a few of the criteria that you should consider when browsing new casino sites. Keep those in mind as we move on to the list of the new casino sites in the UK that you should definitely check out: 

Casoola Casino

If you care about the customer care a casino site has to offer, then Casoola should be at the top of your list. The platform that launched only one year ago has carved its place as one of the most secure and user-friendly casino sites in the UK. With its futuristic interface and competitive bonus rates, the site was successful in grabbing the attention of avid online players in such a short time. However, one of the main drawbacks of Casoola casino is the absence of a mobile platform. Sure you can access the site through a web browser, but most players nowadays prefer to play while on the go. Adding this feature will make the site even more popular and secure its place among the best casino sites in the UK.

Kassu Casino

Known for its diversified collection of table games, the fairly small casino site launched in 2019 has been making a buzz among regular players. Kassu casino offers its new subscriber’s a notable welcome bonus upon registration. You can win your deposit money back in full or a little less according to the percentage of the deposit that they decide to match. Furthermore, if you can register as a VIP user, you’ll be able to unlock an even bigger bonus exclusive for the VIP section users. Critics of Kassu argue that the lack of cryptocurrency-backed transaction security is a major shortcoming for this budding site. Furthermore, they believe that offering phone-only customer support - even if it’s available 24/7- doesn’t deny the fact that online customer support is indispensable for any successful casino site.

The Sun Vegas Casino

The Sun Vegas casino ranked the highest in terms of game variety. Owned by the infamous Vegas Partner Lounge Casinos, this site was launched in 2019 and quickly became one of the most-favored thanks to their unmatched collection of games. Through their impeccable mobile app, you can enjoy a game of 3D roulette in its updated version and easily access a big number of slot tiles. In addition to the interesting game collection, the fact that the sign-up process is relatively fast and simple, makes it even more attractive to those who are looking to find new and better casino sites. However, The Sun Vegas casino still has some room for improvement. For starters, lowering their wager requirement could be a smart move to encourage even more subscribers to sign-up. Besides, easing their bonus conditions is another aspect that they can certainly improve in. 


If you’re a gaming fanatic, CasinoLab is definitely worth checking out for an incredible gaming experience backed up by amazing graphics. Even though the site only launched this year, it managed to build a solid list of users mainly because of its association with the more popular site Genesis which has been in the online gaming field for almost 3 years now. The site promotes itself as a hybrid casino/sportsbook aiming to provide players with a brilliant gaming experience. All of the features that the site has to offer are directed toward this mission. Even the extent of efficiency and promptness their customer service maintains is an integral factor that they’re always working on bettering. 

Casino Gods

Casino Gods is another site that offers an extensive number of games including poker, Blackjack and roulette. Once you pay the 10 BP minimum deposit, you’ll be able to claim the welcome offer bonus. However, that’s not the only bonus that you get to benefit from, the site is known for its abundant offers available for all kinds of players no matter how little they play. Customer service is available around the clock making for a reliable and safe experience for all users. 

Pelaa Casino

Pelaa launched in 2018 with a license issued from the Swedish Gambling Authority, MGA, and UKGC. The site is known for its unique design and flexible banking options catering to a wide variety of players who have different preferences. 

New Sites Vs Old Sites

If you’re wondering why anyone would choose to play on a new site instead of the older, long-established ones, there are actually a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Modern Trends

The world of online casino sites is constantly changing with new features and trends emerging every day designed to enhance the players’ experience. The ability to quickly adopt new trends across the platform during the inception phase means that the new sites have a better chance to launch with all of the coveted features.

  • Competitive Offers and Promotions

Because new sites want to attract players who are already engaged on other platforms, they tend to offer some of the most competitive sign-up promotions and lenient terms and conditions. From waiving the first-time deposit fees to offering bonuses that actually cost them money, new sites take it as an investment deal that will pay back over time. Long-established casino sites on the other hand don’t have a reason to offer similar perks because they have a bigger player-base. 

  • Better Player Protection

Because regulators are usually more focused on monitoring the performance of new casino sites, this means that they have to fully abide by the rules if they want to keep their licenses. For you as a player, this is a very important feature given the widespread fraudulent activities done on shady casino sites. 

Whether you’ve been playing on casino sites for a while now or you’re still a beginner, the above information will come in handy. Do your research to find the best features out there and don’t miss out on the benefits that new casino sites have to offer.

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