As time has gone on, more and more promotions have become available to the people of Norway who are looking to gamble online, which means that players can try out new casinos or new ways to get more for their money when they sign up. Gambling coverage is growing in many parts of Scandinavia and there are numerous ways to explore the top bonuses that are offered.

In this guide, we’re sharing some methods players can use to track down the best casino bonuses to use in Norway, whether that means free bets, free spins or matched deposits.

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Johnslots is run by a team of gambling experts and can provide you with the latest information on gambling in the Norwegian market.

Check bonuses for specific events

Sometimes gambling sites have specific bonuses for events at different times in the year as a way to promote their offering at a peak time. For example, a lot of gambling sites offer a bonus during Cheltenham festival, which is one of the most popular and famous race meets in the world.

It helps to stay alert and check if there are likely to be any promotions when a specific event rolls around, even if it is something as simple as Halloween or Christmas. It is worth regularly checking. 

Sign up to mailing lists

Often, the top casino sites will reward their existing customers and provide specific promotions as a reward for signing up for their mailing list. A lot of casinos use mailing lists as one of the more important tools to help them attract customers and keep them visiting the site. If a player hasn’t visited them for a while, sometimes the casino site will send them a specific promotion, free spins or a free bet to try and get them to engage again. It helps to be on these mailing lists as this could enable you to access specific promotions from time to time.

Check for promotional codes

There are numerous sites that are dedicated to promotional codes for websites, including gambling sites and casino websites. This means that players can check to see whether they may be able to access additional bonuses by using a code upon signup. 

This can be time consuming, so having a few trusted sites where you can go to check the promotional codes may be the best approach to this.

Consider referrals from friends

Sometimes, gambling sites provide you with rewards when you sign up via a friend’s referral code. They may reward you and the friend who directed you to the site in this instance, and referral marketing is certainly not a new concept.

Some casinos allow players to refer others in exchange for a boost to their balance. Before signing up, most players should at least check whether there is an option to sign up through a friend’s link. This may result in the best-case signup scenario for both players. Of course, only certain casinos offer this option, so it is key to check first.

Understand loyalty bonuses

When signing up for an account for the first time, it can be tempting to just go with the best signup bonus, but that may not be the best approach as it is possible that some sites offer better bonuses in the long term. This means some players may get more out of a site known for loyalty bonuses. This may be especially true for people who gamble regularly.

Only ever opt for trustworthy sites

One of the benefits of checking expert reviews and other peoples’ experiences with websites is the fact that it can show which sites have the best track record of protecting their customers and providing an excellent playing experience. A site being trustworthy is the number one criterion, and players should ensure that they do all they can to check the site’s licensing and track record before they sign up and start playing. 

Gamble responsibly

As always, it is crucial to understand the responsible side of gambling. Only bet what you can afford to lose and be sure to never gamble when feeling frustrated or angry. Instead, it is a good idea to take advantage of the tools at your disposal to remain safe, secure and responsible whenever you engage with a gambling site.

With a few simple considerations it is simple to find the best casino bonuses in Norway and top sites to use for casino gaming. 

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