There are some well-kept secrets no casino wants its players to be aware of. Sadly enough, many players belong to the ignorant category. The truth is, all betting systems will eventually fail, no matter how great the strategy is. Only smart players will realise that several strategies are skewed in favor of the casino. 

Therefore, the foremost guiding principle to a successful roulette game is to control your urge to win back your losses. It also helps to understand that you may eventually not make it despite trying a conservative method of playing. Nonetheless, your chances are much better with a conservative betting system. If you are ready to put these roulette strategies to the test, why not try these Real Money Online Casino offers for UK players. 

1 . The Best Type Of Even Money Bet

Several players will select the outside bets in roulette despite their little odds. The reason is simple: the fewer the odds you have, the more likely you're going to have a win. 

Even though selecting any of the even money outside bets doesn't give you an edge, you may increase your probability of getting a win by placing 2-to-1 bets at once. This implies that you are going to cover 24 numbers in total, not the expected 18. This secret technique increases your probability of making a win by 33%.

2 . The Best Of Minimum Bet

This is one of the conservative betting systems. However, it comes with a little more risk. Here's how it goes.

Place three 2-to-1 bets. This allows you to cover the green slots. This formation is bound to result in a loss. So to prevent this, interchange the bet amounts. It can be placed three times the table minimum, twice the table minimum, or once the table minimum.

3. Betting Minimum Is As Good As Betting Maximum.

An aggressive strategy is placing the table limit down in one spin. Sincerely, no bravado could possibly top this. We hope the confidence to pull off such an act comes from a very deep and wide pocket. However, if you're planning to pull this off and your pockets are not deep enough, maybe you have a thing for bankruptcy. 

4. The Martingale Strategy May Send You Home

This strategy works by doubling your bet every time you lose a game. If you take time to do the calculation, you will realize that after 8 losses you will not be able to double your bet. This is for no other reason than you hit the table maximum.

Therefore, when you increase your bets, you increase your risk as against the casino's.

5. Avoid The Announced Bets

The announced bets are often confused as the Called bets and should be avoided. They are the bets that are found on the European roulette table. They are very hard to decipher and you're best off if you leave them alone.

6. Learn To Be Consistent

Before you start playing roulette, it is a good strategy to select an amount you will be very comfortable playing with. This amount should be such that it wouldn't get you bankrupt if you lose and should make you very content if you win. 

After this, select the bet that meets the amount of risk you can afford. If you stick to your strategy for every game, you will prevent excess losses. 

7. Math Skills May Give You An Edge

Since the roulette game deals with a lot of numbers, we believe people who calculate quickly have an edge over others. These people are more likely to notice a bias in roulette wheels.They can recall long and difficult numbers for a long time and this may help them. However, many people will never be able to detect a bias in the wheels.

8. Where To Find Bias?

A Roulette spin can develop a bias. This bias comes as a result of wear and tear of the machine. It may also be due to a fault in the manufacturing process. Some mathematicians claim that you can calculate where the ball will stop on a biased wheel. 

Therefore, you may be tempted to analyze a game with your devices, but remember that this is prohibited in many casinos. However, if you're hoping to find a bias, a better bet would be to concentrate on the spinner. This person may have a consistent bias that you can use in your favour.

9. Online Roulette Games Have No Bias

Some people claim they can discover a bias in an online roulette game. If you fall among this category of individuals, it's safe to say you do not know how to detect a bias! This is because a computer roulette wheel is perfect, just like all computers are. There is no wear and tear that may create a bias.


Roulette is a great game to play if you learn to be consistent. Practise good money management and set limits on your spending to make for a great roulette experience.

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