There are lots of myths surrounding slots that need to be debunked before you start playing  them. Don’t get sucked in by the bright lights and funky noises. Get your strategy and stick to it. This tutorial aims to debunk a number of popular myths and psychological feelings that you may have whilst playing slots with your casino bonuses.

A Slot is Running Hot or Cold

If the slot machine hasn’t paid out in a while, it’s so tempting to think that it’s saving up for a big payout soon, known as running hot. You might be coming to the end of your wagering of the bonus, but it’s been a while since it last paid out. The temptation is to keep going beyond the wagering requirements to get that elusive win. Don’t do this. As soon as you have completed the wagering requirements, withdraw your profits.

Slots work using random number generators, so the chance of you hitting a big win is exactly the same every time you hit spin.

If a Slot Has Just Paid out a Jackpot It Won´t Payout Again for a Long Time

This is false. You the same chance of winning the jackpot every time that you spin. It’s just that the chance of hitting the jackpot is pretty small.

There are Winning Systems Or Strategies to Beat Slot Machines

Again this is false. Slots use a random number generator to decide what the payout will be. This has a built in house edge which cannot be changed. The only way to alter the chances of getting a return is by using bonus cash to place your bets with. Even this needs to be done in a certain way once you take into consideration the wagering requirements to stand a chance of making a profit.

Slots Run in Cycles So You Can Know When It´s about to Pay Out

Slots don’t run in cycles, they use RNG’s to select what the rows and lines will  be. This is a totally random phenomenon.

The House Edge Can Vary Throughout the Game

This is completely false. The house edge always remains the same throughout the game. Bonus rounds and jackpots are chosen using the RNG and you always have the same chance of hitting them each time you spin.

The Return to Player Figure Will Determine Exactly How Much I Get Back

Let’s say the RTP is 95% and you wagered £100, you would expect to get £95. Whilst this is true to a certain extent, it will rarely be exact. Sometimes it will be more than this, sometimes it will be less, due to variance, and deviation. The more you wager though, the more likely it will return 95% of the amount bet.

Hitting The Stop Button Will Change the Outcome

This is also false. When you hit spin the outcome has already been determined. Pressing the stop button, only speeds up the result that you will see.