Golden chips are similar to SNR free bets for sports. They allow you to place a bet without using your own cash balance. If your bet with the golden chip wins you do not however receive the stake back with your winnings.

Example Offer

  • 5x £1 Premium Blackjack Golden Chips provided by Coral.

    This is an example of a Coral bonus, 5x£1 “Golden Chips” that carry x0 wagering requirements.

    Coral £5 Golden CHips

    This Golden Chips offer is only available on two blackjack games. With blackjack, if we win a hand we reiceve a 1:1 payback. For example, if we place a £1 bet with a cash balance, if we win (not blackjack) we would receive £1 winnings plus our £1 stake back (£2 in total). If we win with blackjack we reiceve a 1:1.5 payback, so a £1 bet that wins with blackjack would return £1.50 winnings plus £1 stake (£2.50 in total).

    Coral £5 Golden Chips 1

    Therefore with the five golden chips on offer, the best we can look at doing from a £1 golden chip is either £1 profit for a normal win or £1.50 profit from a blackjack win.

  • Open Eligible Game & Play Golden Chip

    Only one golden chip can be played at a one time. Make sure to select the golden chip from the stake on the bottom left of the screen.

    Use Golden Chips

    With my 5 golden chips, I hit a few different winning hands:

    Blackjack - £1.50 profit (£1 stake not returned)


    Double down - £1 golden chip & £1 cash stake. Bet won, so receive £3 back (£1 profit from the golden chip, £1 double down stake, £1 double down winnings)! Confusing!

    Double Down


    (as provided by the perfect blackjack strategy, this will not use another golden chip. If you want to double down, it will stake the additional from your cash)

  • Complete

    Now the offer is over, we can see all golden chips have been removed and I have a balance of £9.50. I started with a £5 cash balance, so £4.50 profit.

    Complete Offer

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