Two years ago, live casino software provider Evolution Gaming introduced a new roulette version that has been turning heads ever since. Known as Lightning Roulette, this game might be the most electrifying game there’s to date. 

At first glance, lightning roulette looks similar to the European variant. It has 37 pockets consisting of numbers 0-36.   That means the odds of winning a bet are 37/1. But once you take a closer look at the game, it reveals a slew of unique features.

Win up to 500x your Bet

The multiplier feature in lightning roulette is easily its best feature. It’s activated when you bet on straight-up numbers. Let’s say you believe the ball will land on number twenty (20) and place a £10 bet on it.

Once the wheel starts to spin, a dealer activates the feature. It then highlights several numbers and gives them a multiplier value: 50x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x. This is a randomized system, so there’s no guessing which numbers get highlighted.

Now let’s assume the number you predicted (20) gets a 500x multiplier. Again, imagine if the roulette ball lands on it, meaning you win. Conventionally, lightning roulette pays out at a rate of 30/1. It’s less than the standard 35/1 rate. But that’s beside the point.

With lightning roulette, your £10 bet would mean you walk away with a whopping £5000. If you’re a high roller and had placed £100, you would win £50,000.

A Live Setting

Being a product of Evolution Gaming, lightning roulette is designed for live casino players. Precisely, it’s a game overseen by a human dealer and not RNG software. What’s more, you can play it with other people through web cameras.

In fact, the game has a feature that allows for massive multiplayer gaming. So, don´t be surprised to engage in a session with over 100 people. Or in a top-rated casino, you could have hundreds of people all playing lightning roulette concurrently.

The Glitz and Glam of Las Vegas

The casino studios Evolution Gaming uses to film lightning roulette looks like high roller rooms from glamorous Las Vegas casinos. They are colorful and elegant, usually featuring mesmerizing black and golden hues.

Then there´s a giant screen featuring roulette numbers on the wall. They are colored black and red as usual except zero, which has a green color pocket. The roulette wheel is placed on a bespoke table set at the center of the room.

In addition to all the glam and glitz in the room, lightning roulette comes to life with its multiplier highlighter once the game starts. Lights flicker around the wall screen before settling on specific numbers.

A few seconds later, the roulette wheel comes to a halt, and everyone discovers whether they just won or need to play again. It´s like magic, except it´s real and anyone can play it.

You Can Check the Game’s Stats

The multiplier feature in lightning roulette doesn’t appear in every spin. We know—it’s disappointing. However, you can anticipate the next time it appears by looking at the game’s history. 

In other words, you can check the game´s statistics after ten, fifty, 100, or 500 spins. Then you can check which numbers have been highlighted frequently and bet on them. Again, you can view which multiplier appears most often.

Of course, keep in mind the multiplier occurs randomly. So, even though you’ve identified a pattern, it could change. Still, the stats page is worth checking out if you believe in playing games systematically.

Additional Types of Bets

You get the most fun on lightning roulette when you wager on straight-up numbers. However, it´s a fully-fledged European roulette wheel, and that means you can have multiple outcomes to predict.

  • Blacks and reds
  • Odds and evens
  • Dozens
  • Inside and outside bets
  • Columns
  • Five-number bets
  • Call Bets

When you bet on these outcomes, you get paid using the standard payout rates of European roulette. Odds and evens, for example, payout at 1:1. Columns and dozens have a payout ratio of 2/1, whereas five number bets payout at 6 to 1.

Betting Limits

Evolution Gaming created this game with entertainment for all players in mind. That said, you can bet a minimum of 20p to as much as £2000 per spin. It´s available in nearly all online casinos that support games from Evolution Gaming.

You can play the game on both mobile and desktop devices. And crucially, the mobile version loads smoothly to provide a seamless experience akin playing the game on a laptop. Speaking of which, the betting features are placed at the bottom of the screen. They are intuitive and can be adjusted smoothly.

Lightning Roulette Strategies

Truth be told, lightning roulette might not be the best game to use strategies, at least when betting on straight-up numbers. Let´s explain. The game has a payout rate of 30/1. That’s significantly less than the standard roulette game. But that’s not the main issue.

Assuming you try a strategy where you place £1 bets on all numbers hoping the multiplier feature will appear. That´s a total of £37 wagered. At least one digit must-win, meaning you get £30 for your efforts and lose £7.

However, if the game’s multiplier were to appear on your number, you would instantly win £500 and receive your £1 wager back. But here comes the problem. 

No one knows when the multiplier will appear. That means even if you used our system twenty consecutive times, you would risk losing £140 and not be guaranteed of a multiplier. Worse, you wouldn´t be assured of a win even after it appears.

The Takeaway

People are playing lightning roulette because it´s unique and exciting. It´s the best roulette version in a while. It´s colorful, fast, and keeps you on edge as you wait anxiously to know your fate.

If you have a roulette strategy that works for you, go ahead and try it on lightning roulette. But to be careful, ensure you have enough bankroll to cover initial losses.