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In 2016, an article published by the Mirror Online reported bingo was more popular than tennis, one of Britain’s favourite sports. The popularity of bingo has increased tenfold and now the UK is home to more than 3 million bingo players. The nation’s love for bingo is only increasing as the industry shifts from traditional land-based venues to online play.


When bingo became a legal form of gambling in the 1960s, bingo halls were found in towns and cities up and down the country, providing fun and socialisation for predominantly working-class communities. At its peak, there were around 2,000 bingo halls in Britain with a staggering 470,000 people attending on a daily basis. 

However, the introduction of online bingo in the late 1990s changed the way people played the game. In 2014, the number of bingo halls had reduced by 75% but bingo in its online showed no signs of stopping. Between April 2019 and March 2020, bingo generated approximately £910 million, proving the game is as popular as ever.

As the world of online bingo grows, sites begin to battle for attention and the choice can become overwhelming. We believe that the best online bingo to play is on a site that has numerous bonuses and promotions for their players as well as a variety of bingo games just like 888 ladies.

Competition within the online bingo industry is huge. Operators are becoming more creative and taking advantage of technological developments to create interesting ways to play bingo.

Research has found that online bingo is mostly played by 35-64 year olds, but an increasing number of people in their 20s and early 30s are playing bingo games. 

As a result, many sites have been developed to appeal to this age group. Games with a theme, like historical events, or games centred around characters are now just as popular as classic 90 ball and 75 ball bingo.

Finding a game to suit your personality or interests has never been easier and if decide you don’t like a particular game, you can switch to a site that better suits your tastes. 

Accessibility is extremely important to online bingo players. Busy lifestyles mean people don’t have time to visit land-based venues, so mobile-friendly versions are the best way to play.

The majority of bingo sites are accessible via smart phone or tablets with many sites providing free apps to allow access anywhere and at any time. 

In-app accessibility is a factor to consider when choosing an online bingo site. The layout and design of the app should be attractive and simple to use. You should be able to find your favourite games with ease, cash out quickly and have clear access to support options. 

Whether you’re a first-time user or seasoned player, make the most of welcome bonuses. Many online bingo sites give a bonus to those who open a new account and make their first deposit. Some sites even offer ‘no deposit’ bonuses, which means you are given a cash bonus for simply opening an account.


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Make the most out of welcome bonuses but also loyalty promotions

You’ll notice that on the majority of bingo sites, the welcome bonus is a percentage of your first deposit. This can range from 100 to 300%; the bigger the percentage the better, so keep this in mind when choosing a new place to play to get the most out of your money. 

Although it’s tempting to make the most of the new sign-up promotions and deals, staying loyal to a particular site can have its benefits. 

Many bingo sites provide loyalty schemes to regular players. Some rewards include:

  • Bingo bonuses
  • Cashback
  • Access to exclusive bingo rooms
  • Exclusive promotions

If you know you’ll be a regular online bingo player, look out for the most lucrative loyalty schemes as this can reap the most rewards in the long run. 

Security is a major concern for anyone who partakes in online gaming. Thankfully, bingo sites are highly secure and the majority use SSL encryption technology. 

There are a couple of things to look out for to ensure you’re using a legitimate bingo site: 

  • The popularity of a site. If a site is popular, it indicates that people trust it.
  • A wide range of payment methods. By giving you many options, they are trying to make the payment process quick and simple. Good bingo sites usually have at least four payment options.
  • Social media accounts. A strong social media presence gains the attention of regulators who can act if they believe anything illegal is taking place.
  • Customer support. A trustworthy bingo site should have a range of customer support options, making it easy for users to get in touch if they have any issues.
  • Reviews. Search the internet or use an app store to check reviews for the bingo site. A trusted site should have positive reviews.


Ultimately, a legal bingo site will have the UK gambling commission logo plus links to their security and fair gaming measures. 

Despite incredible advancements in gaming, bingo has stood the test of time and is still a firm favourite for Brits all over the UK. As technology advances, we can only expect more games and new styles of bingo to become available. Use our tips to find your favourite online bingo site today. 

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