There is a whole lot of tipster services available to consumers. The majority are questionable and trustworthy and they will not provide you with any value. Some go as far as inflating their results, and unsuspecting punters purchase tips from them owing to their “impressive results.” 

Only a few of the tipsters in the industry are honest, reliable, and profitable. They are worth the fees they charge and their goal is to help you beat the bookies and make profit off their tips. 

In this Betting Gods review, we will be taking a very detailed look at the tipster service to form an informed opinion on its effectiveness.

What is Betting Gods?

Betting Gods is one of the most popular tipster services available. It offers numerous proofed and vetted tipsters under the same site. Instead of searching for an individual tipster, Betting Gods links you with a host of trusted, expert tipsters who they have vetted themselves. You can then select one or a few tipsters to work with. 

The services of Betting Gods cover a wide range of sports including football, cricket, basketball, greyhound racing, ice hockey, horse racing, golf, tennis and rugby. This means that everyone can find a sport to bet on. Since you are relying on the guidance of expert tipsters, you can also venture into sports that you are not familiar with. 

How Does Betting Gods Work?

It is very easy to get started on Betting Gods. First, you need to register using your email address. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive two free betting tips daily. The free service is intended to showcase the expertise of their tipsters. This is a useful aspect as it enables you to familiarize yourself with the platform without making a financial commitment. 

Besides the free service, the platform also offers a paid subscription which we will focus on in this Betting Gods Review. To sign up for the paid service, you will need to visit the Betting Gods website and click on log in. The prompts will guide you on how to register on the platform. 

Once you’ve signed up, the next step will be to choose the tipsters that you are interested in following. This is a delicate decision and you need to approach it carefully. The website clearly displays the statistics of each tipster, i.e, the total profit they have made since joining Betting Gods, their average monthly profits, Return on investment (ROI), bank growth, and win rate. These figures will help you decide which tipster is right for you. If you are not satisfied with the services of your current tipster, you can always switch later on. 

In the first month, Betting Gods offers you a subscription at a discounted rate, and you can utilize the duration to try out different tipsters. During the month, you can take note of which tipsters you favour and cancel on the ones who were not a good fit during the offer period. This is crucial as failure to cancel will attract the standard charges at the beginning of the second month. 

Your chosen tipster will send you tips every single day, usually in the morning hours. On a few odd days, when there are no value bets, your tipster will not send you any tips for the day, but they will communicate this information a day prior. The betting tips are sent through email, or they can be accessed on the website in the members area. You can also view the day’s tips on the free mobile app. 

While using Betting Gods, you need to place enough bets to realize profits. It is also important that you closely monitor your activities using the site to determine if you are making or losing money with your tipster. 

How Much Can You Make Using Betting Gods?

The amount you make on the site will vary from month to month. At the time of writing this Betting Gods review, there are four tipsters whose statistics are displayed on the home page.

Cricket Betting Tipster has an average monthly profit of £50.08, Premier Greyhound Tips, who is a greyhound tipster, has an average monthly profit of £96.43, US Racing Expert averages a profit of £96.24 per month, and The Bookie Basher, a horse Racing Tipster, averages £105.43 monthly.

These averages are based off of the profits that the tipsters have made in the past. It’s important to note that selecting a tipster that has been successful in the past doesn’t guarantee you profits. Some months may end with you making a profit, and sometimes you may end the month in a loss. 

Most of the time, you may also make slightly less than your tipster. This is because the bookies will often slash the odds on bets after tips have been sent out. It is, therefore, crucial that you act on the tips immediately you receive them. This will ensure that you find the recommended odds, or others that are close. 

Is Betting Gods Profitable?

Yes. The betting tips on the site are provided by expert tipsters who have been proofed. They also have a record of making profits on the site.

As often happens with gambling, sometimes you win and others you lose. Most of the tipsters on Betting Gods end most of the months with profits, although they will record losses in some.

To make profits that are similar or close to those of your tipster, you will have to follow their betting guides closely.

How Much Does Betting Gods Cost?

Betting Gods does offer a free service that offers two free betting tips daily. However, these tips are few and incomparable to the value provided by their paid subscription. 

In your first month, you’ll only need to pay £1 as you learn the ropes. After that, you are charged according to your selected tipsters. Each tipster on the platform sets their rates. In most cases, the fees fall between £20 and £50, which can be significant.

To make a profit after paying these charges, you will need to act on the majority of the tips and place a lot of bets.

Betting Gods does not limit the number of tipsters you can follow. This will, however, result in increased membership fees. 

Pros of Betting Gods

  • Betting Gods enables you to confidently wage bets even in sports that you are not familiar too with. The expert tipster guides you on how to place your bets, and you can, therefore, branch out into sports that are more profitable regardless of your knowledge and interests.
  • One of the features that sets Betting Gods apart is their transparency. The results sheet of each tipster is available on the site for everyone to view. You can see the progress of the tipster since joining the platform, their win rate, the type of odds they favour, and their profits. This information will help you make an informed decision on which tipster suits you best.
  • Trials and Money-Back Guarantee. A lot of the scamming tipster services are only interested in the fees that you pay for the first month. Betting Gods, on the other hand, are so confident in their services that they offer a trial month for only £1. You can, therefore, learn more about their services and test their product without making a huge financial commitment.

If you are not satisfied with their services, you can also ask for a full refund. 

  • Most of Betting Gods’ customers rave about their customer support. Their team is dedicated in ensuring that you are satisfied with their services, and they will work with you to solve your issues.
  • The expert tipsters on the site will guide you very closely. They will advise on what kind of wagers you should place and even suggest bet amounts. Their service exceeds just giving tips as they will explain the bets, an aspect that can provide a good learning experience for punters.
  • You can find a great blog on the Betting Gods Website. Here, they will update you on the latest sports news and events. Betting Gods provide a great community for passionate punters.
  • If you want to discontinue their services, they make it very easy to do so. You can cancel at any time, although most members of Betting Gods are not interested in leaving the platform.
  • Accessing the day’s betting tips is very convenient. You will receive an email with the details or you can view the tips on the website (in the members’ area). You can also access the tips through the free mobile app which is available for both iOS and android.

The tipsters do not send tips for the sake of it, and on days when they are unable to find value tips, they’ll communicate this information in advance. 

Cons of Betting Gods

  • Many of the bettors on Betting Gods have noticed that sometimes it’s hard to find the same odds quoted by a tipster. When a tipster sends out the tips, bookmakers will often act fast and slash the odds of those events. This causes a disparity between the odds quoted and the odds available with the bookies.

It’s, therefore, imperative that you act on the tips immediately for you to locate tips that are similar or close to those of the tipster. 

  • Unlike matched betting, following tips from a tipster doesn’t guarantee that you win or make a profit at the end of the day. Even the best tipsters make wrong predictions and sometimes may go through a bad spell. On this platform, you need to be prepared for varying earnings every month.

Betting Gods Reviews — What others have to say.

It’s always good to look up the opinions of others before trying or investing in a product. You can find numerous reviews on Betting Gods online due to its popularity. Several reputable sites and newspapers have also assessed the site. After looking through several of the Betting God Reviews, I came to the conclusion that the platform is generally highly regarded. There are no allegations that it is a scam or deceitful.

The biggest problem with the site seems to be the challenge in finding the recommended odds. The odds shorten within a few minutes and, therefore your profits differ from those reported by the tipsters.

With the individual user reviews, most people have had positive experiences with Betting Gods, and they think that the product is remarkable. It’s impossible for a product to lack a number of negative reviews and Betting Gods is no different. A few customers have shared their negative experiences with the platform and the most common complaint amongst them is going through a losing streak. 

If you are interested in a particular tipster, you can also find reviews on them online. This is particularly useful when choosing the tipsters that you’d like to follow. 


It seems that most customers of Betting Gods are happy with the services they provide. Overall, the fees charged by most tipsters, based on their average monthly profits, leave a lot of room for a bettor to make some profit.

With Betting Gods, you know exactly what you are getting. They do not promise to help you win big all the time. However, they will connect you with expert tipsters who will guide you and better your chances of making a profit from the bookies. 

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