Following a tipster is always an option for bettors. However, finding a great tipster can be a challenge. There are a lot of horse racing tipsters out there, whose sole aim is to take your money without offering any value in return.

In this Master Racing review, we will explore this tipster service and determine if it's your solution to beating the bookies.

What is Master Racing Tipster?

Master Racing is a professional horse racing tipster who can be found on the Tipping Gurus Network. Previously, Master Racing was a part of the Betting Gods platform and this service has been available since April 2014.

Master Racing is one of the most remarkable tipsters around. He has been able to remain profitable for more than six years. During this period, he has generated 843 points of profits and his ROI sits at an impressive 20.96%. This kind of longevity and consistency is rare and remarkable in this industry.

How Does Master Racing Tipster Work?  

You can find Master Racing on the Tipping Gurus Website under Professional Tipsters. This is an easy and straightforward service to use. 

On a typical day, you will receive 2-3 tips. These selections are issued between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., on the morning of the race. This is a shift from their previous schedule, where tips were sent on the night before a race. The odds average for Master Racing is currently at 5.71, a clear indication that they also incorporate some long odds.

Recently, Master Racing has also gone through another welcome change. All results are now recorded according to Betfair Starting Price (BSP). This means that even punters who have had their accounts restricted by bookmakers, can use Master Racing tips on Betfair. 

Is Master Racing Tipster Profitable?

Yes. Up to this point, the performance of Master Racing can only be described as impressive. As with any other tipster service, this doesn’t guarantee future success but it does make Master Racing a tipster worth considering. 

Since its inception in April 2014, Master Racing has generated a total profit of £8435 with £10 stakes. The total points profit in this time is 843.49. This means that a punter placing £20, £50, or even £100 bet stakes would have made a substantial amount of money in this duration.

As is evident from this profit graph, Master Racing has been pretty consistent since 2014. At the time of posting this Master Racing Review, their ROI is 20.96% with a strike rate of 26.52%.

How Much Does Master Racing Tipster Cost?

The price point of Master Racing is quite fair, considering the amount of value they offer.

As a new member, you can try the tipster service for 14 days at a cost of £5. This offer makes it very affordable to try out the service and reach a decision on whether to pay for the service long-term or not. After the trial duration, the cost depends on whether you opt for a monthly or a quarterly subscription. The monthly fees are £25 while the quarterly charges are £60. 

You can pay for this service using ClickBank. Therefore, all payments are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

There are a lot of other tipsters charging significantly higher, and therefore, Master Racing is one of the better-priced products in the Market, that still offer value to their customers. 

How Much Can You Make Using Master Racing Tipster?

Since 2014, Master Racing has been one of the tipster services that has regularly made money for punters. As is the norm with every tipster, the amount you make varies from month to month. Some months have ended with profits while others saw punters make losses. Currently, their average monthly profit is £108.22. 

This year has been particularly profitable for punters using Master Racing. Let’s take a look at the results so far:

MonthPoints Profit£10 Stakes£20 StakesStrike RateTips
January 202010.8£108.00£216.0024.44%45
February 20202.8£28.00£56.0024.39%41
March 202010.7£107.80£215.626.92%26
April 20200£0.00£0.000.00%_
May 20207.0£70.00£140.0050.00%6
June 2020-0.5-£5.20-£10.4022.73%44
July 2020+44.4£444.40£888.8027.27%44
August 2020+22.8£228.20£456.4023.40%47
September 2020+23.1£231.20£462.4026.67%45
October 2020-9.2-£92.90-£185.8020.97%62
November 2020+8.3£83.70£167.4027.45%51

Master Racing is incredibly transparent, and anyone can access their full results via their website. All their results have also been externally proofed making them reliable. This information is extremely useful when deciding whether this tipster service is suitable for your betting needs.

Now that all the results are being recorded to Betfair SP, it is going to be interesting to see how their results hold up. If they were to be maintained at BSP, then Master Racing would be very appealing to the majority of punters.

Pros of Master Racing

There are several reasons that make this service worth considering.

  • Master Racing has proven to be consistently profitable for over six years. Achieving good results is hard for most tipsters. Maintaining such results is even harder. A tipster that is able to perform this well over an extended period of time demonstrates genuine skill and edge which are exceptional qualities of a tipster.
  • Master Racing is an affordable product compared to the value it offers. Most quality tipster services are way too expensive and the membership fees really eat into your margins. At £25 monthly and £60 quarterly, you can comfortably pay the membership fees and have a substantial amount of profit left.
  • Availability of prices. Finding the recommended odds is almost always a struggle with most tipsters. With the recent decision to record all results to Betfair SP, Master Racing will be able to cater to all bettors including those who have had their accounts restricted by bookies.
  • Master Racing offers a subsidized trial and a money-back guarantee. With tipsters who aim to scam you, they will often lie about their product to get you to pay the fees for the first month. With Master Racing, you can try the service at a cost of £5, for the initial 14 days. In case you are dissatisfied with this tipster, you can request for a refund within 60 days of payment. Therefore, you can familiarize yourself with Master Racing with no worries of losing your money.
  • Ease of use. Master Racing makes betting very easy. Whether you are a pro or a novice punter, you can take a few minutes a day to place bets according to the tips you have received.
  • This tipster service offers a refreshing level of transparency. Master Racing have their full results, including wins and losses, displayed on their websites. All their results are also proofed externally, making them highly reliable. When making a decision on a tipster, it is always helpful to have information on their past performance.
  • Since 2014, Master Racing has made profits of £8435 on £10 stakes and has an ROI of 20.96%. This is one of the best performing horse racing tipsters on the internet.
  • Master Racing sends a good number of tips monthly. With 2 or 3 tips being sent daily, a punter can place enough bets every month to make profits. The odds average is at 5.71. This indicates that Master Racing does not only tip on the strong favourites. This tipster includes some long odds which gives punters a greater margin for profits.

Cons of Master Racing

Despite its many perks, Master Racing does have some downsides.

  • Some bet months will end in losses. This is to be expected with every tipster. Master Racing has been an extraordinarily successful tipster. In spite of this success, some bet months have not been profitable. As a punter, you need to recognize and prepare yourself for such losses. It is never a good idea to bet with money that you can’t afford to lose.
  • With increased success, account closure by the bookies is always a possibility. Bookmakers don’t like punters that are consistently placing or winning large bets, and they may, therefore, restrict your account.

A simple measure you can take to ensure that your account lasts longer is to have accounts with several bookmakers to help you spread out your bets. You should also avoid placing bets using odds comparison sites. 

Master Racing Tipster Reviews — What Others Have To Say. 

Master Racing has been reviewed widely online by a variety of reputable sites and individual punters. From the reviews, this product is genuine and not a scam.

Punters have a high opinion of Master Racing, and he is regarded as one of the best tipsters online. His achievements are quite remarkable and rare. Bettors have been able to make significant and regular profits with this tipster. 

The decision to record all results according to BSP has also been praised by both punters and sites that review betting products. Since it is a recent decision, most people are interested in seeing how their results will hold up.

There are also a few negative reviews regarding Master Racing, as is to be expected. Some punters upon joining the service have made losses. With tipster services, this may occur sometimes. Losing streaks do occur and it is important to keep in mind that tipster services are a long-term investment.

Master Racing is recommended and approved by most reputable sites as a tipster worth following.


Master Racing provides a lot of value to its customers, and it is worth the investment. This product is relatively affordable and has consistently provided reliable tips, which is uncommon with cheaper tipsters.

Despite its performance, this service might not be suitable for every bettor. For instance, if you are looking to make profits with every bet placed, then matched betting might be a better option for you. With tipster services, you need to be aware that losses are a part of the experience. Sometimes, you can even experience losing streaks of over 10 straight bets. As a punter, you need to look at tipster services as a long-term investment.

All in all, if you are looking for a horse racing tipster, Master Racing is a service worth considering.

Other Recommended Products and Services.

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