The popularity of football continues to rocket, and with the burgeoning success of the women’s game too there’s now even more interest in the sport. This makes it one of the hottest markets for bookies with an enormous number of potential bettors.

To stay one step ahead of the competition and to attract punters, bookmakers have been forced to come up with increasingly creative bets that draw on knowledge of the beautiful game. A simple bet to win is no longer sufficient, with options such as BTTS (both teams to score) and wincast proving to be a success.

First goalscorer (FGS) betting has been around quite a while but it hasn’t waned in popularity. Along with over 2.5 goals and match result, they remain a solid bet that many novice and experienced bettors enjoy.

If you’re interested in FGS but haven’t yet dabbled, here’s everything you need to know about betting in this market.

What Is First Goalscorer Betting?

There’s nothing complicated about the principle of this market; it’s as simple as it sounds. With FGS you pick the player who you think will score first in the game. The FGS market exists in other sports too such as rugby, but it’s a very common bet in particular for football.

The odds you’ll find on the FGS market are generous compared to other types of bets. This means that even the hot favourites could be priced at least 4/1 and frequently longer, leaving the potential for a healthy profit with a relatively low stake.

Potential Pitfalls

We’re not backtracking; FGS is an easy bet to place but there’s a few rules that you’ll need to know before you start.

Extra time not allowed

A FGS bet is based on what happens in the 90 minutes of a match, plus any stoppage time added on at the end. If it’s a cup game which ends up going to extra time or penalties, these aren’t included in the bet. This means that if at 90 minutes the score stands at 0-0 but your player bangs one in during extra time to be the first goalscorer, you’ll still lose.

Own goals

Own goals do count in some football betting markets but not for the purposes of FGS. It’s the first “proper” goal that’s counted. If an own goal is scored, your FGS bet will remain open as if the score was still 0-0. Markets where own goals do count include BTTS and match result.


If your player isn’t on the pitch for the full 90 minutes, there are a number of variables which could apply. If they start on the bench and remain there for the whole of the match, the bet will be declared void and you’ll receive your stake back. Similarly, if they were still on the bench when the first goal goes in, it’s considered void again.

If the player starts on the bench but comes onto the pitch before any goals are scored, your bet will stand even if they only make an appearance in the 90th minute. If your player starts but is substituted off before a goal is scored, this is also considered a valid bet as they had the chance to score but didn’t.

FGS Strategy

Betting on the FGS market relies heavily on knowledge and stats rather than simple good fortune. If you want the best chances of landing a winning bet, you’ll need to do your homework in advance. Look at the head-to-heads between the two clubs and consider the formation and tactics the team is likely to employ. You’ll also need to check the form of the player, and any recent injuries or knocks they might have picked up.

Backing the star striker may sound like a good idea, and in many cases it’s a strategy that’s hard to find fault with. However, if the match is against a much weaker opposition it’s worth considering whether your player is likely to spend the time on the bench instead. This can often be the case if there’s a bigger game looming on the horizon, such as a European match, so factor in the likelihood of them starting.

Conversely, if you think your rising star is going to be given a chance, if you back them as FGS you could find good value in the bet. Once they’re confirmed as playing their odds will shorten so get in early to max out on returns.

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Now that we’ve run through the basics of the first goalscorer market, all that’s left for you to do is place your first bet. Check out the latest bookmaker deals at Yesbets to get the best value and hottest offers around.

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