Any kind of football betting can be a thrill, but there are many more alternatives than simply opting for the win. BTTS - Both Teams To Score - is a relatively new type of bet that’s found an enthusiastic audience. With a great database of stats to draw from and no shortage of resources, it’s a market that’s set to grow even larger. With the right BTTS betting strategy, this market can provide regular wins, especially if you use in conjunction with betting offers from bookmakers to increase your edge. In this article we’ll give you the latest BTTS tips to help you maximise your chances of success.

Unlike some types of bets, BTTS is a beautifully simple idea. In its purest form you don’t need to worry about predicting a winner or a loser; to collect on the bet you simply need to pick a match where both teams are on the scoresheet by the end.

The goals can arrive at any time in the 90 minutes and as long as they score one goal each, you’ve got a win. It really is as easy as that, and it’s this simplicity which appeals to many betters. The simplicity of the market is another reason why you will find so many people offering BTTS tips on any given day.

A Brief History of BTTS

Relatively new or young betters won’t remember a market before BTTS existed, but it’s not been around for that long. There’s no precise date for the launch of BTTS; it slowly crept into the market after “Goals Galore” was launched as a concept by Betfred.

Betfred Goals Galore

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Just half a century ago, the betting landscape looked very different with accumulators the only real way to offer variety. Over time, bookies developed new markets to keep customers interested and engaged. Part of the reason they’ve been able to do this is because of improved technology.

Goals Galore offered a list of teams to select from where customers could choose a few where they thought both teams would end up scoring. As a fixed odds concept, Goals Galore didn’t offer the very best returns for customers and slowly BTTS grew into a separate market.


The Technicalities

Although BTTS is a straightforward and easy way to bet, there are some technical interpretations that are important to understand. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve won a big return only to slowly realise your bet hasn’t come in!

Most matches finish after 90 minutes (plus injury time) so the end score is the result that the bet is based upon. However, for cup matches there may be extra time or even penalties. For the purpose of a BTTS bet, extra time and penalties do not count. Your bet is based on the scoreline when the whistle blows for the end of regular time. If it’s a 0-0 draw at 90 minutes, it’s not a winning bet. The good news is that’s the only scoreline that won’t pay out - any kind of score draw will net you the cash.

But what about own goals? The good news here is that the bookies don’t really care how the ball arrives in the back of the net. Unlike the goalscorer market where own goals don’t count, for BTTS an own goal is just as good as a 30-yard screamer, smashed in on the volley.

BTTS Accumulator Tips

If you’re feeling brave, you could opt for an accumulator on the BTTS market. As shown by Betfred originally, accumulators work exceptionally well with this type of bet. As well as BTTS, you can also opt for BTNTS - Both Teams Not To Score - or a combination of both.

BTTS and BTNTS are bets that will appeal to many. The majority of football fans will have at least a rough idea of how a fixture is likely to pan out. Surprise results aside, it’s a type of bet that can work out well and if you’re brave enough to go for an accumulator you can enjoy great returns.

Some bookmakers even offer free bets or other sweeteners if you only lose out on your acca by a single leg. Motivation indeed!

A top tip for placing BTTS accumulator bets is to pick multiple legs where both teams in each leg have particularly leaky defences, to find your selections, look for teams that have conceded in their last five games. You also want to ensure that both teams in the fixture present a goal threat. Looking at teams with a gung ho attitude is always a good place to start.

Another BTTS accumulator tip (especially if you are selecting NO or BTNTS) is to select matches that are likely to be a cagey affair. Competitions that are held over 2 legs, when the teams are playing the first fixture is a good place to find these types of matches, Cup finals in the FA Cup, League Cup or Champions League are also fixtures where things can be tight and few goals are scored, but again make sure that you look at the previous results of any team.

BTTS Tips & Strategy

Like any type of football betting, it’s essential to have a clear strategy before you start. It’s easy to blow your whole betting budget and overspend if you’re not absolutely certain about how you’re betting and when. Our BTTS tips (combined with a bit of luck) should help you maximise your frequency of wins

Live betting, or in-play betting, works well with BTTS as it allows you take full advantage of how the game is flowing. But do bear in mind that if one team has already scored, the odds will shorten dramatically. Conversely if an underdog scores first and you then back the BTTS market you will get higher odds than at the start of the game.

BTTS also works with traditional bets too but it’s a good idea to draw on all the stats available to allow you to make an informed decision. You’re looking for two teams who are strong in attack but weak in defence. Conversely, if you’re betting on BTNTS you’d be looking for at least one team to have a strong defence. Don’t forget to check the differences between teams playing home and away as there can be quite considerable variances in their performance.

The problem is that if you just bet on teams who have weak defences, you’ll probably miss the best odds. The bookmakers will be looking at the same sort of data and will price accordingly.

The best way to bet is to find the games that look like they’ve been priced too long. Keeping your ear to the ground and picking up on the latest tips and rumours can give you an advantage. If you hear about a potential injury and believe the source, you could pick up odds before the bookies have had the chance to adjust. Injuries to key defenders and attackers can be crucial for this tip to be effective.

Popular markets are likely to have the poorest odds, because bookmakers don’t need to work as hard to get punters to bet on these markets. Premier League betting for example, is far less likely to show up mispriced odds, than Championship betting, or even that of League 1 or League 2.

The weather is another big factor in a game. Hot sunshine can mean the players tire more easily and could mean goalkeepers make an error if the sun gets in their eyes, or it’s difficult to differentiate between sunny and shadowy patches on the pitch. High winds and rain are even more problematic for football matches, creating an unpredictable ball flight as well as making it wet and slippery. The perfect set-up for mistakes - and potentially more goals!

Finally, make sure that you choose a UK Bookmaker that is reputable and is regulated by the UK gambling commission. All betting sites promoted on Yesbets are regulated by the UK gambling commission. If you want fast withdrawal times, take a look at our list of betting sites that accept PayPal.

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