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There are 4 types of matched bet that the calculator can work out for you.

Normal Bet - The first one is the normal bet. Select this for normal or qualifying bets. With a normal bet, the matched betting calculator assumes that you will receive your stake back if the bet wins and will calculate your lay stake and profit/loss on this basis.

Free Bet SNR - Use the free bet SNR option when you are calculating how much to lay with a free bet. SNR stands for stake not returned. In 99% of cases, you will not receive the stake back if the bet wins, only the winning amount from the bet.

Free Bet SR - Use the free bet SR option if you have received a free bet and the stake is returned. The majority of the time this will not be the case, so make sure you check the terms of the free bet before selecting this option.

1st Bet Refund - Some offers will give you your money back as a free bet if your bet loses. This is known as a 1st bet refund. Selecting this option will calculate your lay stake with the assumption that if your bet wins you will keep your winnings, but if it loses you will receive a free bet. You will see from the calculations that you will have a profit if your bet wins, but a larger loss if it loses. This is because you will receive a free bet that will cover the loss and you can then use this to make your profit.Learn less Learn more

Back Bet

Back Bet Details

Select Bookmaker - If you have joined Yesbets and are signed in, you can save every matched bet that you make. We’ll then keep track of all your betting balances and overall profit. We offer a free account so why not join today and start keeping track of your matched betting performance.

If you are already signed in, simply select the bookmaker that you are placing your back bet with and we’ll track it when you save the bet.

Back Stake - Enter the stake that you wish to bet with the bookmaker. If you were staking £10, then enter 10 here.

Back Odds - The odds are entered in decimal format. A lot of bookmakers show fractional odds until you change them. Decimal odds will look like 2.0 or 3.5. Whereas fractional odds will look like 7-4 or 16-1. If you need to convert your odds from fractional to decimal, you can use our Odds Converter Calculator.

Commission - If you are placing a back bet at the bookmakers, you won’t need to enter a commission figure and can leave this. If you are placing a back bet at a betting exchange, you will need to find out what commission the exchange is charging. Betfair charge roughly 5% on winning bets and Smarkets charge 2%.Learn less Learn more

Lay Bet

Lay Bet Details

Select Exchange - If you are signed in you can select your exchange and Yesbets will track all of your bets and balances when you confirm and save the bet. Find out more about Yesbets Accounting.

Lay Stake - The lay stake will be shown in this box once you have added the lay odds and commission to the matched betting calculator. This is the amount that you will lay at the odds that you have inputted. You don’t need to fill this part of the calculator out

Lay Odds - You need to enter the current lay odds on the betting exchange in this box. Exchange odds are shown in decimal format which will look like 2.5 or 3.5 etc. Enter the current odds at the exchange for the event that you are looking to lay. Do bear in mind that for horse racing, close to the off or for in play betting, these odds can move quickly and to get an accurate lay stake the odds will need to be correct.

Commission - When you place any bet at the exchange, they will charge a commission and you will need to enter this value in the commission box. Betfair typically charge 5% commission and Smarkets charge 2%.

Underlay or Overlay - The default setting for this is normal. This will equal out your profit or loss regardless of the result. There may be some instances where it is favourable to overlay or underlay your bet. An example where it would be advantageous to underlay a bet would be an offer that requires lots of wagering. By underlaying the qualifying bet in this case, you would sacrifice some of the profit if your bet loses but you will not need to complete the wagering, but if it wins you will have more funds to complete the wagering of the bonus.Learn less Learn more

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