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It’s perhaps the wildest football competition on the planet with frantic fixtures adding up to a spectacular 46 matches per season for every competing team. There are only 2 automatic spots for the Premier League, and everyone is out to get them. However, for those that don’t make it into the top two, there are playoffs! Teams from third to sixth place compete in a mini-tournament consisting of semi-finals and the final and the winner gets the ultimate prize - the Premier League participation. With that comes plenty of betting offers in the Championship to get your teeth into, so read on and find out what free bets are available.

EFL Championship logoThe best thing about EFL Championship is that it’s nearly always available! Teams most often play both on the weekend and on Tuesday in order to fit the tight schedule into the season. For you, this means more opportunity to profit if you successfully analyze all the important factors.

All at Stake

Teams in the Championship are very well covered in the betting market. This is because the EFL Championship is probably the single most popular second division on the planet.

With the rewards for Premier League spots so big, the owners sometimes get caught up in the idea easily. This leads them to make huge investments, and if the team doesn’t qualify for the first division, they usually suffer years of consequences as a result. Truth be told, financially powerful teams will qualify more often than not, something to keep an eye on when making outright bets.

EFL Championship teams

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Neck-Breaking Tempo

While you will see teams coming back from behind everywhere, it’s especially common in the Championship. The style of play in the whole league doesn’t allow teams to pull the foot off the gas, and if they do so, it’s not rare that you see the other team getting back into it.

The long season and congested fixtures take their toll on the players, both mentally and physically. So, if the team are playing their Tuesday match after a big derby on the weekend, you ought to bet against them.

Another big factor in betting on Championship is the holiday period. Right around the time of Christmas and the New Year, that’s when the English play the most. It’s understandable for players wanting to relax a little, so this can result in plenty of surprises on the pitch and the underdogs often getting some unexpected points, and you should definitely keep an eye out on that.

EFL Fixtures Difficulties

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Momentum as a Key Factor

They say that the momentum is everything in the Championship. It’s no wonder - the team needs an extra push of motivation to keep up with the schedule, and there’s no better motivation than winning.

You’ll often find times who had some amazing streaks of good results suddenly fall off the cliff. It’s important to recognize this as it gives you a chance to take advantage of it, and bet against those sides while they’re down. The bookies can be late in recognizing it, so this is your shot!

Home stadiums, unlike in some other leagues, are still a major factor in the Championship. It goes without saying that the stands are always full, as is English tradition. However, from a betting point of view, this creates an advantage like no other, with the team receiving energy from the crowd throughout 90 minutes.

Do keep in mind that things can go south in these situations, too. When a team is in bad strings of results, the fans are usually impatient, all of it resulting in home matches creating more damage than good due to the high amount of pressure on the players.

It´s also worth paying attention to how clubs are performing in competitions like the FA Cup and League Cup. This can place additional pressure on teams trying to gain promotion. We´ve seen it so many times when a high flying promotion chasing team looks like a banker on your Acca, only for them to go and lose. That´s why Acca insurance is so important.


Goalscorers Are the Focal Point

The biggest assets in this league, are, more than anything - the strikers. They’re usually the ones who carry the team to promotion with their goals and a good form for the whole season. So, when you see a striker in good form, take advantage immediately and bet on him while he’s on fire.

Playoff Frenzy

Betting live on the playoff semi-finals, and especially final, can bring you loads of profits if you play it right. If a team needs just a single goal to win the tie, they’ll throw everything they’ve got and more in hopes of getting the Premier League spot. On the other hand, this leaves all the space in the world behind the defense, and you’d be smart to bet on the winning team to score from the counter. The odds are usually pretty high, and the return can be fantastic.

The best example of this was when Leicester and Watford faced off in the semi-final of the playoffs. The Foxes had a penalty in the last minute of the match, but even without it, they were going through. But then, after Watford’s goalkeeper saved the shot, they launched the counter-attack and Troy Deeney scored to qualify for the final at Wembley.

Do keep in mind that the playoffs don’t usually favor the stronger side. Anything can happen over a two-match tie in the semi-finals, let alone a single match at Wembley in the final where the rules of logic are off.

Championship Betting Tips - Form Is a Big Factor

The importance of the hectic schedule in the Championship cannot be overstated. This makes a good run of form that much more significant. Most coaches will say that a player can be fueled on winning alone when he hasn’t got a lot left in the tank. So, it’s easy to see why this is so important in such an exhausting league like the Championship. Marke sure you take a look at our free football tips, before placing your bet on a Championship game. We´re bound to have a few selections that peak your interest. 


Crazy schedule, lots of changes during the season will make betting on Championship a lot of fun, no matter how you look at it. Strong teams are favorites to get the Premier League spots for a reason, but that’s far from saying that there aren’t surprises happening week in and week out. So, strap yourself in and enjoy the wild ride that Championship is.

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