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US Open is a specific Grand Slam taking place in the United States of America. It’s the last Grand Slam of the season, which means that the players usually go all-in on success here, hoping they can end the season on a high note.

However, that isn’t the only difference in the competition. Along with the Australian Open, the US Open is also played on a hard surface. Interestingly enough, in order to accommodate the players and the fans alike, the organization painted the court to a “US Open Blue” back in 2006, allowing for a better view of the ball.

US Open

The Favorites and the Underdogs

Since the birth of the great trio of Rafael Nadal, Rafael Federer, and Novak Djokovic, only four players managed to snatch away the trophy out of their hands. However, this is more than in any other Grand Slam, making the US Open by far the biggest chance for the underdogs to win it all. So, if you’re looking to place your bets on a dark horse of the tournament, there’s no better place to do it than the US Open.

Additionally, the US Open gives us plenty of bonuses and free bets out there. Being the last Grand Slam of the season, the bookies are trying to make the most of it. Thus, they’ll offer some great last-second promotionsand make sure you closely keep track of these.

All-Rounders Find Their Way

We all know that the world’s top servers are the best on the grass. Thus, Wimbledon matches can often put on a dire display with the players bombing serves at each other back and forth.

On the other hand, Roland Garros and clay surface favor the baseline players and it’s no wonder that Rafael Nadal is the absolute king of clay with no disputes.

And then, there’s hardcourt. The hardcourt levels the playing field quite a bit. The ball bounces higher than on the grass courts but faster than on the clay. It’s quite easy to predict where the ball will land, allowing for players to hit various types of shots in a single exchange. This is probably why Roger Federer historically has had the edge his with his all-round prowess.

Colorful Nights

Just as you’d expect from a US tournament, the atmosphere is buzzing at the US Open. New York is a famously vibrant city and the tournament picks up the vibe in a swift fashion. The fans are loud, completely opposite of what we’re used to seeing from the other tennis tournaments throughout the world. Also, the nightlife here is rampant, so keep an eye out for the players who like their parties because it may very well affect their performance in the tournament.

Tennis Betting Specials

When betting on Grand Slams, there are plenty of promotions you can use to enhance your profits. The most attractive one comes from Bet365, where they offer you a full payout if your player takes a 2-0 sets lead. Given the fact that there are many turnarounds in these tournaments, this seems like a highly-interesting investment.

Accumulator betting is much more prevalent in Grand Slams than usual, too. This is mostly due to the fact of so many matches being played in the earlier rounds, giving you a chance to enjoy almost a full day of tracking and following your bets, rooting and cheering for your players, and enjoying yourself in the process.

Form Plays a Big Part

In individual sports, and especially in tennis, a form is a major factor in how a player approaches the match. Confidence is everything, and if a player is coming into US Open after a string of bad results recently, it’s very unlikely that he’ll make it out successfully. This is where analysis kick in. Try to keep an eye out for struggling players and their opponents in the opening rounds.

Go for an upset if you see some signs because there inevitably will be a lot of those no matter how you put it. Additionally, since it’s the end of the season, some players tend to relax a bit more, thinking about their vacations rather than the tennis itself.

Live Betting Is the Key

Perhaps more than anywhere else, live betting in tennis can give you a bigger edge that you might expect. There are multiple factors to this, and we’ll just name some of the most important.

The first one is the player’s psychology. It’s well known some players are mentally more fragile than the others. Players like Nick Kyrgios or Bernard Tomic are famous for giving up on a match when it’s not even finished. Their body language is very obvious, and sometimes the bookies are slow to match that in their odds. This is where value bet is created for you, and the only thing you need is some basic knowledge of the players and following the match in question closely.

Another big factor are injuries. While nobody likes to see an injured player, it can prove to be very profitable for you. At the first sign of an injury, you can place your money on the player in question before the bookies notice there’s something wrong with him. In these cases, watch out for which bettors offer a full payout for surrendered match and which bettors void the bet in those situations.


With the glamour of the event and so many players participating in it, US Open can be an extremely profitable tournament if you’re careful and smart about picking your bets. With some of the tips in this article, you may very well find yourself celebrating after the final just as much as the winner!

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