One of the best things about Yesbets is its community. Not only is it a great avenue for newbies and old hand alike to bag some super useful hints and tips, or extra promos that might have fallen through the official Yesbets net (yes, it can happen). But it’s also a great opportunity for us to listen to you.

Awwwww. Doesn’t it give you a rosy feeling inside? Or does it make you want to vom?

Either way, it let’s us show you that we listen. Which may, in turn, make you want to vom again. With happiness, of course.

Live/Hidden Toggle On Balance Pages

Set Live / Hidden

Have you been gubbed yet? Don’t worry if you have. There are plenty more fish (online bookies) in the sea. And if you haven’t, you will. Unless you are a primo mug bettor and manage to stay under the radar like you’re Maverick in Top Gun. But, again. Plenty more fish in the sea.

So let’s say you’ve been gubbed. And you don’t want the results for the gubbing bookie to come up when the OddsMatcher loads up all our potential matched bets. Well, now you never have to see the lover that jilted you again. You can now hide any bookie or exchange you have fallen out of favour with...or has fallen out of favour with you.

Simply look for the LIVE tab on the relevant bookie’s balance page in your Yesbets account. Click the toggle button once to switch it to HIDDEN. This bookie’s odds and matches will no longer appear on the OddsMatcher. And these bookies’ reloads will no longer appear on your personalised Reloads page. Boom! You’re welcome.

Custom Reloads Page

We can also do this with betting exchanges that you no longer like or use. You might have given MatchBook or BetDAQ a go for a while and thought, “Nah. I’ll head back to Smarkets.” Or vice versa. You can similarly hide the betting exchange and never have to be reminded of your awful experiences there. (Somehow, it always comes back to vomming.)

Toggle All Live Or All Hidden On OddsMatcher

Hidden Bookmakers Refinement

When we refine the results we can also now choose to show “All Hidden” or “All Live”. All Live would be relevant for many. We want to see which bookies we can play with. So to speak.  

But all Hidden? Maybe if we want to remind ourselves of our former glories, like browsing through photos of our former lovers, crying into our deep, deep glass of red, red wine?

No. There is a point to having a gander at the bookies from which we have been gubbed or had our accounts restricted. Just because those bookies have said we can’t enjoy any of their promotions doesn’t mean we can’t scoop a tasty arb bet opportunities still to be had from them. Don’t find anything you like the look of on the OddsMatcher? Toggle your hidden bookies and you might find yourself a sweet arb gem, thank you very much.

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