Oddsmatcher Software for Matched Betting

At Yesbets we like to make things easy. Our powerful OddsMatcher software scans the thousands of markets every minute to bring you the closest odds whilst your matched betting. You can save your bets directly from the Oddsmatcher and we’ll keep track of all your betting balances and profit, all at the click of a button. We’re the only matched betting site that applies the correct markets for every offer that we publish (where we can pull odds). This means no searching for the correct markets yourself, simply click on the offer you are interested in and you’ll find the correct markets already loaded into the OddsMatcher ready for you to bet.

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OddsMatcher Software for Matched Betting
  • Oddsmatcher Basics

    Basic Bet Details

    To start using OddsMatcher, first set the basic parameters of your bet.
    Bookmaker – You can choose to find matches for all bookmakers you have added to your account or select a specific bookmaker for your search. You can also filter bookmakers you’ve set to Live or Hidden.

    Bet Type – Select the type of matched bet you want to place. There are four different options:

    1. Normal / Qualifier. Use this setting for a standard matched bet. The OddsMatcher will calculate your results on the basis of you placing an ordinary back bet with your own cash, with the stake included in the returns.

    2. Free Bet (SNR). An ‘SNR’ (or ‘stake not returned’) free bet is a free bet where the value of the stake is not included in the returns of the bet. The vast majority of free bets offered by bookmakers are of this type, so this is the option you’ll usually use when finding matches for your free bets.

    3. Free Bet (SR). An ‘SR’ (or ‘stake returned’) free bet is a free bet where the value of the stake is included in the returns of the bet. Though these are a rarer kind of free bet, they are still available on occasion and generally offer greater value than equivalent SNR bets.

    4. 1st Bet Refund. Use this setting to find matches for promotions where you receive a free bet only if your initial back bet loses. The calculator will balance your lay bet so that you make instant profit if your initial back bet wins, or make an approximately equal profit after you’ve placed the free bet you get if your back bet loses.

    Stake – Set the value of the bet you’re placing here.

    Once you’ve set the basic parameters of your bet, click the ‘Search’ button to find your matches.

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  • Oddsmatcher Results

    OddsMatcher Results Table

    OddsMatcher returns your results in a table. Each row of the table represents a different matched bet that meets your search criteria. Basic information about the match is laid out in the following columns:

    Date – This column shows the date and start time of the event you’re betting on for this match.

    Sport – The sport you’re betting on is shown here.

    Event – This column shows the title of the event that you’re betting on. This will usually be an individual match or race name, such as ‘Real Madrid v Barcelona’ or ‘Cheltenham 13:50’, but could also be the name of a competition, like ‘Champions League’ or ‘The Masters’, if you’re betting on an outright result market.

    Outcome – This column will tell you exactly which outcome and which market you’re betting on. For example, this could show ‘3-1 – Correct Score’, which would indicate that the match is on the ‘Correct Score’ market, and the outcome you’re betting on is ‘3-1’.

    Bookmaker – This column shows which bookmaker to place the back bet with.

    Bookmaker Odds – This shows you the back odds offered by the bookmaker on the outcome you’re betting on.

    Exchange – This column shows which exchange to place the lay bet with.

    Exchange Odds – This column shows the current lay odds of the outcome you’re betting on at the exchange.

    Profit – Here you can see how much you will gain or lose by backing and laying this bet at the current odds. This will usually show a positive value (profit) for free bets or a negative value (loss) for normal qualifying bets.

    You can refresh your results by clicking the refresh icon on the right side of the OddsMatcher header bar, or further refine your results by clicking the gears icon on the left.

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  • Oddsmatcher refinement

    OddsMatcher Results Refinements>

    You can further narrow down the matches returned by OddsMatcher by clicking the gears icon in the top left corner and setting the following options:

    Sport – Select a sport from the dropdown menu to return results only from that sport.

    Markets – For football bets, you can narrow your search to only include results from specific markets by selecting the market here.

    Bookie – Select a bookmaker from the list here to return results only from that bookie.

    Exchange – Select an exchange from this list to return only matches that are laid on the selected exchange.

    Event Time – By default, OddsMatcher returns matches for events starting in the next 24 hours. You can extend or reduce the time range of the search by selecting options here.

    Back Odds Min – Use this setting to set the minimum back odds for matches. OddsMatcher will filter out any results where the odds of the back bet are lower than the value set here.

    Back Odds Max - Use this setting to set the maximum back odds for matches. OddsMatcher will filter out any results where the odds of the back bet are higher than the value set here.

    Back Stake – Set the value of the back bet you wish to place here. OddsMatcher will calculate lays and the profit/loss of matches based on this.

    Text – Use this field to find results that match specific key words. You can enter the names of competitions (e.g. ‘Premier League’), specific events (e.g. ‘Cheltenham 13:50’), or participating teams or individuals (e.g. ‘Arsenal’) to find matching results.

    Profit – You can use this setting to set a minimum profit or maximum loss for returned results. Positive values set minimum profit and negative values set maximum loss. For example, if you enter ‘15’ into this field, then OddsMatcher will filter out any results where the profit it under £15, or if you enter ‘-2’ in this field, OddsMatcher will filter out any results where the loss is greater than £2.

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  • Sport Signups

    Sports Sign Up Offers

    Sign up offers are the lifeblood of matched betting. They are easy to complete and will build your betting bank and profits extremely quickly. Here we’ll list all of the best bookmaker welcome offers available for matched betting purposes. All you need to do is join and then matched bet the qualifying bet and resulting free bets. You can make an easy £300 - £800 from doing this alone. Check out the latest matched betting sign up offers below.

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  • Sport Reloads

    Sports Reloads Offers

    The vast majority of you matched betting profits over the long term will come from sports reloads. On this page we publish all of the latest sports reloads completely free of charge. Choose the ongoing offers that suit your needs and then find out more about how to complete and generate ongoing profits.

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