Football is back!

The summer’s over. The season’s here. The time is right for matched betting in the street. And at home, in the office, in the park, on the bus. Bookmakers and football punters salivate after the drought of summer. Finally we can drink in the action and back and lay our first matched bet of the season, like we are travelling herds of buffalo on the Serengeti.

But it’s not just the start of the season that can see us maximise our matched betting profits. These top tips will help any football punter learn how to do matched betting and make the most of the whole matched betting process; the wherefores, ins, outs and over the lines. Following these tips will help you form a strategy to make the most out of matched betting. Not just for a single season, but beyond into the summer and into the next year. Because that is going to be our year.

Rinse Bookmaker Sign-Up Offers

Example Yesbets Sign Up Tutorials

Let’s say you’ve only just cottoned on to the matched betting game. First, you’ll want to scoop the bookies sign-up offers that they use to entice punters in. There are literally scores of them, and not only can we take up as many as we darn well like (there is no limit to the amount of bookmaker accounts a punter can have) but sign-up offers are perfect to learn matched betting while making the highest possible profit margin. Reloads - the bonuses we can use to keep our matched betting adventure going once we have taken up every sign-up offer we can - can be more involved with varying levels of difficulty - including conditions. Sign-ups are straightforward - they are our bread and butter on-a-sixpence crosses to the far post. That said, for every free bet offer we take up, make sure we make one or two mug bets (bets that anyone would make - Chelsea to win at home, for example) to go along with.

Pick Your Team

Arsenal Football Fan

You might be the most die-hard Arsenal fan, but looking at Arsenal’s odds at home, it might be better to pick a different team to bet on, week-in, week-out. You see, betting on the same team every week builds a picture amongst the bookies’ trading account teams that you are a natural, regular punter. You can pick Arsenal, but will the odds be as favourable as if you were to pick Leicester or West Ham? Whatever team you pick, bet on the same one every week. Bet on others, of course, just make sure you keep one as “your team”. Bookies like regular punters, and we want to appear just like any other fan, wearing our hearts on our sleeves and backing our teams to the hilts, through thick and thin.

Don’t Always Go For Top Profit

Premier League v Albanian Super League

It might be tempting, but striking for the match that offers top profit on a free OddsMatcher is going to prove a dangerous strategy. Sure, we want to make the most profit out of every single bet, but would you realistically choose to bet on a correct score market between Skenderbeu and Partizani from the Albanian Super League? You might make an instant profit of a few quid, but your card will be marked and consistently making these “arb” bets - bets which see bookie odds higher than those offered on the betting exchange - is a sure fire way to be gubbed or have your accounts restricted. Except, that is, when we can take advantage of Price Boost promotions, or on the rare occasions that “normal” matches come up as arbs.

Grab The Profit Boosts

Ronaldo Score First

During the football season, the majority of bookies offer Price Boost promotions. These will bump odds up, say from 5 to 7, to encourage us to bet. With Premier League, Championship and major European Leagues playing multiple games every week, Price Boosts are superb ways to get punters punting. But if a bookie is suddenly offering odds on, say, Ronaldo to score first at 7 and the Betfair exchange still has those odds at 5, this is instant profit. These Price Boost offers are the only legitimate ways for us to score “arb” bets without raising bookmakers’ suspicions.

Lay On, MacDuff

Baggio Penalty Miss

It’s tempting to punt. It’s really tempting to punt. We are, after all, effectively punters. Spurs are in free scoring mood. They are banging in the goals. Surely they’re going to beat Stoke at home? Nothing is ever guaranteed in football. Ask any football fan of any club across the world and they will be able to recount numerous tales of games they should have won against supposedly weaker opposition, and haven’t. They missed all their chances, the ref was biased, the pitch was a shocker, they hit the woodwork thirteen times, the opposition ‘keeper played a blinder. Anything can happen in football. That’s part of its appeal. Always, always, always make sure you lay the bets that you back. Only by backing and laying every single time and for every single bet will you make sure you make long term profit. It’s like taking a penalty in a World Cup semi final. Never, ever change your mind.

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