Work From Home

Working from home is the dream, isn’t it? Getting up at the crack of noon, doing a few hours work then hitting the golf course or the spa? Afternoon yoga followed by evening gin? Or tea, if you wanted to be sensible about things.

A Harvard Business Review study revealed that working from home can increase productivity, as well as lower outgoings and time savings having reduced our daily commutes to zero.

Little wonder, then, that matched betting has taken off. With returns like £15 in 15 minutes and with some Yesbets members having reported quitting their nine-to-five jobs in favour of full-time matched betting careers, the allure of reaping those no-commute, work-at-your-own-pace incentives is too glittering a prize for many.

Plus, the act of placing a matched bet can be a thrill in and of itself. Scooping a tasty arb with an instant profit of a few quid plus our main source of profit of free bet bonuses on top is a lip-smacking prospect. The feeling of elation is only a click away.

Always Elated, Never Despondent

Unslumping Yourslef!

“The trick with horse racing,” race-goers always tell you, “is to set yourself a limit and stick to it.”

Wise words indeed. Giving yourself a figure that you would be prepared to lose on race day - say a total of £50, or £10 per race - and not going over that figure ensures that you’re not too disappointed by the end of the day, come what may.

But if you go to the races expecting to win, you could end the day in one heck of a slump. And then, in the words of Dr. Seuss, unslumping yourself is not easily done.

And people do. Plenty of them. Some punters will double their stakes until they win and, by the end of the day, can find themselves several hundred pounds - or even thousands - down.

This is not a fear about which we need to be concerned when we are matched betting. Not only are we in our home environment - hopefully a comfortable one for all of us - but we can back and lay bets to ensure that we don’t ever come out down. We are always making money, always in profit.

Surrounded by Friends

The flip-side to working from home is isolation. The respected journal, Psychological Science in the Public Interest, conducted a study on the effectiveness of telecommuting and discovered that not everybody and every situation is suited to remote working. One of the key downsides is isolation, which can breed or exacerbate paranoia and anxiety.

So how can earning money from matched betting counter this? We are still at home alone, so isn’t there potential to fall prey to the anxieties and agitations of the mind to which working in isolation can contribute?

Yesbets Class Photo

Enter the Yesbets Facebook Group, a private group available to Yesbets Premium Members. Not only do group members post free bet offers they have been sent from various bookie accounts, but they also offer a forum for matched bettors to ask questions from the horses mouths, as it were.

Guess what? They often become friends. And this constant human interaction is needed, particularly for insular-minded folk who find things can easily get on top of them.

Of course, there is no pressure to become friends with these people. You can remain a well-wisher or acquaintance and merely take the information you need to use in your matched betting adventures.

So can working from home benefit your health? Yes, but only if it suits you.

Can matched betting from home benefit your health? Indeed. And, in fact, it can also benefit your social life and your friends’ health too. Matched betting often spreads by word of mouth and chances are that the excited chats you have with your friends will spark their own matched betting adventures and the benefits contained therein.

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