Each Way Matcher Software
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    Basic Bet Details

    Start searching for each way matches by choosing the basic settings of your bet.

    All Races / ITV Races – Use this setting to either search all races or limit your search to races shown live on ITV. Races shown live on television will often have special offers associated with them, more liquidity available on the exchange, and bets placed on them may also draw less suspicion from bookmakers looking for matched betting activity.

    All Races / Extra Place Races – Select ‘Extra Place Races’ from the dropdown menu here if you want to limit your search to races where the bookmaker is offering to pay out each way bets on more than the standard number of places.

    Stake – Set the stake of the each way bet you want to place here. Remember that, because this is an each way bet, you’ll need to have twice your stake available at the bookmaker in order to place the bet. For example, you need to have £20 in your bookmaker account to place a £10 each way bet.

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    OddsMatcher Results Table

     A free OddsMatcher returns your results in a table. Each row of the table represents a different matched bet that meets your search criteria. Basic information about the match is laid out in the following columns:

    The results of your search are displayed in a table format, with each row representing a matched each way bet meeting your criteria. The specifics of the bet are detailed in the following columns:

    Date – The starting time and date of the event this bet is on.

    Sport – Which sport this match is for. For each way bets, this is usually horse racing, but sometimes you may wish to place each way bets on other sports, such as golf.

    Event – The name of the event you’ll be betting on. This could be either a specific race (e.g. “Chester 13:30”) or the name of a competition if you’re betting on an outright winner (e.g. “The Masters”).

    Outcome – The specific outcome that you’re placing your bet on. This will usually be the name of the player or horse that you’re backing.

    Runners – The number of runners in the race you’re betting on. This is important, because each way bet payment terms can change if some runners withdraw and the race starts with fewer runners than originally planned. This figure will be highlighted if the number of runners is at the threshold where one more non-runner would change the payout terms.

    Bookmaker – Which bookmaker to place the back bet with.

    Odds – The current back odds offered by the bookmaker. This is the rate at which the bet will be paid out if the selection wins. The rate at which the bet will be paid out if the selection places is calculated from this figure.

    Exchange – The first exchange listed is the exchange where you’ll be laying the ‘to win’ part of the each way bet.

    Exchange – The second exchange listed is the exchange where you’ll be laying the ‘to place’ part of the each way bet.

    Odds – This shows the odds you’ll be laying at on the exchange. The first figure here is the odds you’ll be laying the ‘to win’ part of the each way bet at, and the second figure is the odds you’ll lay the ‘to place’ part of the each way bet at.

    Profit - This figure is the total profit or loss you’ll take if you back and lay this selection at the current odds.

    Clicking the refresh icon in the top right corner will refresh your results. You can also further refine your results by clicking the gears icon at the top left.

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