Bet365 Channel 4/1 & Feature 4/1 Offer

With the Bet365 4/1 offer you need to pick a winning horse in the featured races of the day and if it wins, you will receive a free bet totalling your stake on the next featured race. You must place your bet on a horse above the odds of 5.0 to qualify for the refund.

You will use your own money to place the free bet on the next race and it’s refunded if it loses.

If you pick a winner, you calculate your free bet on the the next race as a free bet SNR.

Try and pick a horse above odds of 5.0 for your free bet, if that wins you will get another free bet on the next featured race. Again this would need to be placed as a free bet SNR.

Tips for Picking Horses and Races

1Minimum Odds

Make sure that the horse you are betting on is over odds of 5.0

2Market Mover

It doesn’t matter if the horse drops below this after you have placed your bet, you will still get the free bet if it wins

3Lower Odds

Try and back horses that are as close to 5.0 as possible, as they have a greater chance of winning (20% chance at odds odds of 5.0)

4Bigger Losses on Lower Odds

Take bigger losses on your qualifying bet for horses with lower odds. Breakeven over the long term for a horse at odds of 5.00 is about £8.00, so £5.00 would be an acceptable loss. A horse at odds of 10.00 has a breakeven of £3.00 so a £1.50 loss would be acceptable

5Smaller Fields

Pick races with smaller fields. You have more chance of winning

6One race at a time

Try and bet one race at a time. If you pick 2 horses in consecutive featured races and the first race wins, you will have placed a lay that is too high for the second race. This is because your second bet is effectively a free bet SNR and you don’t need to lay as much to lock in the guaranteed profit


If you are doing the 4/1 featured race offer and you bet on the last race of the day, your free bet will be on the first featured race the next day that the featured race offer is running. Don’t confuse this with the Channel 4 racing 4/1 offer which is exactly the same, but they are not interchangeable. For example, if you bet on the last featured race on a Friday and it wins, your next featured rae will most likely be on Monday, not Saturday. Likewise, if you bet on the last Channel 4 featured race on a Saturday, your next Channel 4 Race is likely to be next Saturday. The exception to this is racing festivals like Cheltenham, where you could bet on the last Channel 4 featured race on a Saturday and your next Channel 4 featured race could be the Tuesday


Be careful of rule 4’s. If you place a bet at 5.0 and then there is a rule 4 after you place your bet, it will take your odds below the minimum and you won’t receive your free bet if your horse wins

Example Historic Offers:

Bet365 Channel 4/1 Offer

Live races on Channel 4. Available on Saturday and mid-week during large horse racing events e.g. Cheltenahm Races

Bet365 Featured 4/1 Offer

Available on 2 races per day during min-week.