How to Extract SNR Free Bets For Guaranteed Profit

  • SNR free bets from bookmakers are a very common bonus awarded by bookmakers and are one of the easiest to extract for guaranteed profit for matched betting purposes. This tutorial will talk you through the what stake not returned free bets are and how to unlock them when matched betting.

  • What is An SNR Free Bet?

    SNR means stake not returned. When you place a normal bet at a bookmakers, if it wins, you will receive your winnings plus your stake back. Bookmakers will normally show you the estimated returns in the betslip and this will include your stake

    With a free SNR bet, if you win, you will only receive the winnings and not the free bet stake if the bet wins. Let’s take a look at an example. A £10 bet placed at 2-1 as an SNR free bet would return £20 (2x £10 stake). A normal £10 bet placed at 2-1 would return £30 (2x £10 stake + £10 original stake).

  • How To Complete an SNR Free Bet Welcome Offer

    Bookmakers will normally give you one (or even several) SNR free bets when you place a qualifying bet of a certain value at certain odds. A qualifying bet means a bet with your own money, as they want you to join, deposit and risk some of your own money before awarding you with free bets.

    A typical example may be.

    New Customers Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets.

    In this example, you need to join the bookmaker and deposit £10 and place a £10 bet. Once you have done this, you will receive £30 in free SNR bets to do what you like with. So the first thing to do would be to join and deposit £10. Note here that a number of bookmakers will not honour the bonus if you deposit with the likes of Skrill, Neteller and sometimes PayPal, so always check the allowed deposit methods before you join. If in doubt, use your debit card.

    William Hill Sign Up Offer

  • Place Your Qualifying Bet

    The next thing you need to do is place your qualifying bet. To make sure that we don’t risk much money on this bet, we will matched bet it to ensure all outcomes are covered for a very small loss, known as the qualifying loss. We will do this by finding a close match on a betting exchange, to lay our qualifying bet.

    Find a Close Match

    To minimise your loss on the qualifying bet, you want to find odds that are close together at the bookmakers and the betting exchange. If you are a Premium Member, we scan all the markets for you in real time, to bring you all the best matched bets available. We even tell you how much to bet and track your profit and balances for you.

    If you are not a Premium Member, you can still work out a qualifying bet using our matched betting calculator and we’ll show you below how to do it.

    Open the bookmaker site, in this example we are using William Hill. Locate a big sporting event. Here we are using the Premier League.

    Next Open up a betting exchange, in this example we are using Betfair.

    Now open up the Matched Betting Calculator

    You want to look for an event that is fairly low odds and where the odds are close together at the bookmaker and the betting exchange. For this example we have chosen Chelsea to win at 1.14 and 1.18 on the exchange.

    William Hill Qualifying Bet

    Betfair Qualifying Lay Bet

    The next thing to do is enter these details into the matched betting calculator, it should look like this.

    Yesbets Qualifying Bet Calculator

    Enter the back stake as £10 and the odds, which in this case is 1.14 at William Hill.

    Enter they lay odds for Chelsea, which in this case is 1.18

    The calculator will show you how much liability is required to lay the bet. Make sure you have these funds in your exchange account.

    As you can see we will lose £0.42 regardless of the result, but this will unlock £30 in free bets, once our qualifying bet has settled.

    The next thing to do is to place your bet at bookmaker and then and the betting exchange. (always place the back bet BEFORE the lay bet

  • Using Your SNR Free Bets

    When completing a welcome offer with a bookmaker, your free SNR bets are usually made available straight away or as soon as your qualifying bet has settled (the event is over). These are normally available in the betslip on the bookie site. To use it, you simply need to select a market to bet on and add it to the the betslip, you will then see either a dropdown or tickbox to use your free bet.

    When using your SNR free bet for matched betting purposes, you will again need to find a close match, usually at higher odds to generate the maximum profit. If you are a Premium Member, we source all the best matches for you, telling you what to bet on and how much to bet. If you are not a Premium Member, you will need to input the details into the calculator, the same as you did with the qualifying bet, but this time selecting free bet in the calculator, instead of qualifying bet. Take a look at the example below to see how it works.

    Southampton are 15.00 to back at William Hill and 20.00 to lay at Betfair.

    William Hill Free Bet

    Betfair Free Bet Lay Bet

    Open up the calculator and enter the details. It should look like this.

    Yesbets Free Bet Calculator

    Remember to select free bet SNR and add £10 as the back stake and odds of 15.00. Enter 20.00 as the lay odds and select your exchange (in this case betfair). You can see from this example that you need to place a lay stake of £7.02 at betfair and you will need £133.33 in your exchange account to cover the liability.

    Next, place your £10 free bookmaker bet and you £7.02 lay bet and you will make £6.67 regardless of the result.

    In general, if you matched bet free bets at higher odds, you will make a greater profit. Just remember, that the higher the odds, the higher the liability required in your exchanged account.