The majority of the offers provided my BGO are invite only, so keep an eye out as they can be sent via email, text message or just via a popup on the website after you sign in. When a user posts any BGO offer on our premium community (any offers I receive from them, I’ll try my best to post to the low risk casinos thread), it´s well worth taking a look  at all of the above communication methods to check to see if you have received anything similar.

BGO Email Offer

  • Risk

    Low risk offer - but, please do not attempt unless you understand how casino offers work and are happy with putting your deposit at risk.

  • Check Terms & Create Strategy

    Let´s take a look at the full terms of the offer, key offer terms have been highlighted:

    • 1. In order to take part in this Promotion you need to:
    • a) make a next deposit of at least £50 into your account.
    • b) make a next deposit before 02/11/18, 23:59 GMT.
    • 2. When making a qualifying deposit of at least £50, you will receive 25 Free Spins, totalling the value of £10. Upon launching the Top Cat game, customers will have the choice of either:
    • a) 25 Free Spins at 40p each
    • b) 10 Free Spins at £1 each
    • c) 5 Free Spins at £2 each
    • d) 2 Free Spins at £5 each
    • e) 1 Free Spin at £10 each
    • 3. The  maximum number of Free Spins you can receive is 25. If your next deposit exceeds £50, you will not receive any additional Free Spins.
    • 4. You can use the Free Spins only on the Top Cat game ("Promotion Game").
    • 5. Free Spins have a value of 40p each and will expire 3 days after being credited into your Account.
    • 6. There is  no wagering requirement on winnings from the Free Spins.
    • 7. Free Spins will be added to the Vault.
    • 8. There is no wagering requirement on winnings from the Free Spins. Winnings will be credited to your cash balance on completion of the Free Spins.
    • 9. You may withdraw your winnings and cash balance at any time without restriction, except where necessary to comply with any general regulatory obligations.


    After completing lots of the BGO offers, you’ll find checking terms is less important, as they do say all the free spins they provide carry no wagering. This could change at any time, so it´s still worth a quick scan over the terms.

    Now to put together our yesbets offer strategy

    Qualifier: Deposit £50
    Trigger: Automatic
    Reward: 25 free spins, £0.40 each on “Top Cat” (x30 wagering)
    Notes: £5 max spin while using bonus. Check excluded slots list.

    Need help on checking terms & strategy creation?

  • Assessing Value

    Let´s take a quick look at the estimated value of this zero wagering free spin offer, as there are a few additional parameters to take into account.

    As always, let´s take a look at “Top Cat slot RTP Variance” in google, usually gives us the data we need straight away:


    Assuming we wager out deposit on blackjack (we will discuss this later on in this article)

    Wager deposit EV: -£0.46
    Free Spin winnings EV: £9.38
    Total EV: +£8.92

    As BGO changes for deposit & withdrawal fees, lets factor these values in:
    Total EV (after fees): +£5.17

    Now we have our strategy and value calculated, lets take you through a full BGO offer from start to finish:


  • 1. Deposit

    Make a deposit, most of the time there will be no indication that there is a reward on offer from making the deposit. Worse case, if we don’t receive the free spins we can jump onto live chat to get them credited manually.

    Note - BGO change a 0.5% deposit fee - so we take a £1.25 hit on the £50 deposit.

    BGO Deposit

  • 2. Accept from the Vault

    Not always the case with the BGO offers, but this time we did need to accept the free spins from the value - this is on the nav bar at the top:

    BGO Vault

    BGO Vault 2

  • 3. Play Free Spins

    The free spins are credited automatically once deposited, so we can head over and play them straight away.

    After playing, I managed a nice £23.44 profit, which is automatically available in my cash balance.

    BGO Free Spin Winnings

  • 4. Wager Deposit

    We have had word from other users that they have been able to withdraw the winnings from BGO without wagering the deposit, who knows what impact this has on future reload offers that they provide.

    As always I’ll opt from the standard £1 blackjack wagering option and wager through my deposit before attempting any withdrawal.

    If you have a large betting balance and don’t require the funds back in your bank account instantly in order to complete another offer, I often leave the balance sit in the account until I receive one or two more offers. That way we don’t have to take the hit on the £2.50 withdrawal fee each and every time. If we complete three offers before withdrawing, the cost per offer is reduced to £0.83. Making these small saving soo add up.

    Note - BGO charge a £2.50 withdrawal fee

    BGO Wager Deposit

    Need help wagering a deposit, please see:

    • blackjack £1 wagering deposit technique
    • perfect blackjack strategy.

    Withdraw the remaining balance

  • 5. Complete

    With this offer I did manage to wager my deposit on blackjack without too much of a loss, so I made around £20. I’ll leave my £70 in the account for a few weeks and fingers crossed another offer comes my way! Otherwise I’ll look to withdraw and take the £2.50 hit.