These offers are account specific, however we do try to add to the casino reloads offers as when they are available, they are usually available on all user accounts.

Before we jump into the step by step, one point I want to touch on is assessing the value of the actual free spins. The offer available this week is 50 free spins. This sounds like a great offer, however it’s all about digging a little deeper and taking a closer look at the actual spin values we will be getting. We know the free spins on this particular offer are on “Dark Vortex” slot and unless the offer states otherwise, they will provide the lowest spin value, so best thing to do is head over and open the slot and check out the lowest spin value. When we set the coin value to the minimum, we can see the spins are worth £0.10 each, so our 50 free spins are only worth £5 in total.

Dunder Casino Free Spin Offer

  • Risk

    Low / medium risk offer - please do not attempt unless you are happy with putting your deposit at risk.

  • Check Terms & Create Strategy

    The terms from Dunder have very little offer specific details available:

    • When playing with bonus money the maximum bet allowed is €5 (50 SEK, 50 NOK, £5, $5, 5 AUD, 5 CAD, 5 NZD) per spin, €0.50 (5 SEK, 5 NOK, £0.5, $0,5, 0.5 AUD, 0.5 CAD, 0.5 NZD) per bet line or for card and table games the total maximum stake is €5 (50 SEK, 50 NOK, £5, $5, 5 AUD, 5 CAD, 5 NZD) until wagering requirements have been met. This includes double up wagers and gamble features. Dunder reserves the right of voiding bets and winnings resulting from bets of larger amounts.
    • Winnings from "free spin" features or "bonus" round features initiated with bonus funds but completed after the bonus has been wagered, lost or forfeited will be removed.
    • Different games contribute a different percentage towards the wagering requirements:
    • Slots and other games: 100%
    • All table games: 10%
    • Video pokers: 0%
    • 1429 Uncharted Seas, Blood Suckers, Kings of Chicago, Retro Reels - Extreme Heat, Simsalabim, The Wish Master: 0%
    • Any balance that consists of bonus money will use the funds in the following order: Any real money related to a deposit bonus is used first, bonus money is used secondly, and real money not tied to any bonus is used last.
    • The use of bonus funds purely to progress through the bonus stages on games like Castle Builder, Devil’s Delight, Pearls of India, Robin Hood, Scrooge, The Wish Master, Tower Quest or other games with similar features can result in the winnings from the final bonus round(s) voided.
    • The use of bonus funds to win more than twice of bonus received on table games and video poker before changing back to slot machines with the purpose of completing wagering requirements can result in your winnings being confiscated and account being closed.
    • Dunder standard Terms and Conditions apply


    Now to put together our yesbets offer strategy

    Qualifier: Deposit £20
    Trigger: Automatic
    Reward: 50 free spins, £0.10 each on “Dark Vortex” (x30 wagering)
    Notes: £5 max spin while using bonus. Check excluded slots list. Min £20 withdrawal

    Need help on checking terms & strategy creation?

  • Assessing Value

    Deciding if deposit £20, get a £5 bonus with x25 wagering is an offer you are happy to take is a personal preference and how open you are to risk. I’d class it as a low / medium risk offer. We recommend wagering through your deposit x1 when completing any offer. Casinos have been known to confiscate winnings citing bonus abuse if you don’t. Whilst this won’t always be the case, is it worth risking a big win payout just because you didn’t wager your deposit? Use the perfect blackjack strategy to maximise the RTP value

    If we go with the £1 blackjack wagering of the deposit, there is one point we need to be aware of. Dunder have a minimum withdrawal of £20. If we deposit £20, we need to make sure we walk away with £20 after wagering 20 x £1 hands in order to withdraw. Some users decide to deposit more to cover a potential loss, this is really up to you. If you go with £20, you will need to keep playing until you have £20 before withdrawing.

    Over the long term, if we wager using blackjack we will end up losing very little. (Note - this is not saying you won’t lose any money on the offer, but you may make it back on another).

    Assuming from the 50 x £0.10 free spins (£5) we make £4 in bonus money, we can then check to see if the £4 bonus money will provide us with a +EV using the quick cruncher.

    Deposit wagering EV £-0.14
    Free spin wagering EV £3.47
    Total: +£3.33 EV

  • Step By Step

  • Click “Get bonus spins”

    Once logged in, we can see the offer available on the homepage banner, we need to make sure to deposit via this banner to make sure we receive the free spins.

    Dunder Casino Free Spin Offer

  • Deposit £20 (minimum)

    You can now see the free spins bonus is displayed when depositing.

    Dunder Deposit

  • Check free spins have been credited

    Before we get started on wagering, let’s check the free spins have been credited otherwise we need to just get on with live chat to see why we have not received. Dunder live chat are really good and will credit any free spins manually if required.

    There is no point risking your deposit if the free spins are not going to be credited.

    Dunder Free Spin Popup

  • Wager deposit & withdraw

    £1 blackjack wagering or low risk slot wagering of the deposit. Only difference here is the minimum £20 withdrawal. Keep playing until you have wagered the deposit once and have £20 to withdraw. Depositing a little more is a less risky approach to cover the minimum withdrawal amount.

    Need help wagering a deposit, please see:

    • blackjack £1 wagering deposit technique
    • perfect blackjack strategy.


    Dunder Wagering Deposit

  • Play free Spins

    Once we have withdrawn we now have a £0 cash balance, Open the slot, and auto play the amount of free spins available.

    Dunder Play 50 Free Spins

    Dunder Free Spins Finished

  • Wagering Bonus Money

    We now have bonus cash with wagering attached. Dunder have a relatively low wagering requirement of x25.

    We can see our wagering at any time with Dunder by clicking the light blue balance amount in the top nav.

    As you can see I managed £14.18 from the 50 free spins, which is a pretty decent return. I now have £354.50 to wager before my bonus balance will convert into cash balance.

    Looking at slots to use to wager:

    1. Gonzo’s Quest this time and upping the spin value. Gonzo’s has a house edge of 4% and is medium variance. Let’s plug these numbers into the quick cruncher to see what the results look like:

    Gonzo’s Quest £1.00 spin value

    So based on the above, we have a 12% chance of completing the wagering, and a +EV of £13.05.



    2. Bloodsuckers 1, £0.25 spin value.

    Bloodsuckers 1 provides us with a 30% chance of completing the offer, but with a slightly lower EV. This does offer a much better chance of coming out with a profit, however if we look at the “Avg Bets” value, it has taken on average 1490 spins to do so (which is going to take a lot longer to complete).

    Again it’s personal preference on what to go for here. As I’m a little short on time, I’m opting for £1 Gonzo spins. If I do manage to hit a big with on £1 spins that could be all I need to turn a profit.

    I’m going to use the auto click option described here (as we can easily see how far through wagering we are on the Dunder website).


    Dunder Wagering

    Dunder Wagering 1

    Dunder Wagering 2

    Dunder Wagering 3

  • Complete

    We want to keep spinning until we either bust out (all bonus funds are gone) or we complete wagering and our bonus funds move over to cash balance and can be withdrawn

    Two scenarios:

    • Wagering complete (profit) - we have completed wagering, all bonus funds have now moved to our cash balance and are available to withdraw
    • Bust out (no profit) - we have used all bonus funds and have not completed wagering. The offer is over and unfortunately we don’t have any profit to show for it.

    This time I didn’t manage a profit. The last thing to do with the final few pence of bonus funds is to find a 1p slot to use up the remaining bonus. This will remove the bonus from your account, so you have a clean slate the next time you attempt one of these offers.