Normal Bet

A normal bet is a bet that has no restrictions and your stake is returned. For example if you were to place a £10 bet at odds of 5.0 and it won, you would receive £40 profit plus your £10 stake back.

You will usually be placing normal bets as qualifiers to get a free bet. For example, place a £20 bet and get £10 free in play would mean that you need to place a £20 normal bet, where your stake would be returned if it won and then you would receive a £10 SNR bet.

SNR Bets

An SNR bet is a bet where your stake is not returned. Normally when you bet your stake will be included in your winnings, so if you bet £10 at 5.0 your returns would be £50 (£40 winnings plus your £10 stake). With an SNR bet you would only receive £40 back if you bet £10 at odds of 5.0. Essentially all this means is that you need to lay a different amount to ensure that you make a profit regardless of the outcome.

Wherever possible we select the correct bet and amounts for you, but make sure you always double check that the correct bet type is selected on the bet popup before you place your bets.

When it comes to manual matched betting and reloads, sometimes you will need to determine whether or not your bet is a normal bet or an SNR bet. To do this check the information on Yesbets and in the terms and conditions. Normally your qualifying bet will be a normal bet and any free bet will be an SNR bet.

1x2 markets

a 1X2 market is a win, lose, draw market and you can typically see these on football matches for full time results. You can see an example of the 1X2 Market below:

1x2 Markets


Wagering refers to the number or value of bets that you need to place to complete an offer. For example you may receive a £50 bonus, but it needs wagering 5 times before it can be withdrawn. In this case you would need to make £250 worth of bets before you could withdraw it. To do this simply keep backing and laying bets until you have bet the amount stipulated.

With offers that require wagering if you lose all your money in your betting account before completing the wagering, that’s fine, you won’t need to wager any more because the bonus will have moved into your exchange account.