• There will be certain situations where yesbets cannot provide you with a table of results and you’ll have to add the bet manually.

    These include

    • Some sign up offers that we cannot currently provide oddsmatcher results the bookmaker
    • Matched betting on sports we do not provide via Oddsmatcher (e.g. darts, greyhound, cricket)
    • Any matched bets that require users to place bets in-play. We do not currently provide these odds via a free Oddsmatcher as the odds can move quite quickly.

    Any matched betting that is not provided via Oddsmatcher results we class as “manual matches”. Manual matches will involve you going to the bookmakers site and the exchange searching for a matched bet manually and entering the odds into the matched betting calculator so that you can find out how much to lay.

    Let’s take a closer look at an example, there are lots of times users will need to place in-play football matched bets as these do come up quite often within the reload offers. E.g. quite often bookmakers will require you to place a matched bet before the game starts (pre-match) and give you a free bet to use while the game is ongoing (in-play). With these offers you can lock in a profit, and will keep your weekly profit totals ticking over.

  • When To Match In-Play?

    For football in-play matched bets, we always recommend users place bets during the half time interval. This is the time when the odds are at their most settled state. You can find really close matches during play (0-45 mins or 45-90 mins), but if you place your back bet, and a goal is scored then this can either drop or increase the lay odds which can remove all profit from the matched bet.

    (With darts, any time the players are not playing, in between rounds. For specific sports such as greyhounds, in-play matches can be really difficult as there is a limited amount of money in the exchange (liquidity))


    Let’s take a random premier league game “Burnley v Newcastle”, we can see Newcastle are 1-0 up after 10 minutes, and we can see a great match for our £10 free bet, Burnley 7.0 to back, and 6.8 to lay at Betfair.

    Paddy Power Odds 1

    Betfair Odds 1

    We have the oddsmatcher on hand to enter the current odds, an excellent £8.44 profit from a £10 free bet, well over the 80% profit margin we are looking for.

     Matched Betting Calculator 1

    We place our back bet of £10 at odds of 7.0, but…...Newcastle score another goal, sending the lay odds on Burnley soaring to 29.0. There was a 13 minute gap that we could have placed our back and lay bet successfully, but there is always a chance of a goal being scored.

     Betfair Odds 2-0

    Updating the odds, would then only provide us with £1.97 profit from our £10 free bet

     Matched Betting Calculator 2

    If Burnley would have scored, the odds on Burnely to win would have dropped creating an arb (back odds higher than lay odds). At 1-1, Burnley may have been 3.5 to win, doubling our profit to £16 from the £10 free bet

     Matched Betting Calculator 3

    It’s really up to you if you want to take this risk. We already recommend placing your bets at half time when there is no major action on the pitch that can cause a massive change in the odds (e.g. goal being scored)

    Half time odds on the Burnley v Newcastle game, 1x2 market:

     Paddy Power - Half Time

     Betfair Exchage - Half Time

  • How to Find a Close Match Without the OddsMatcher?

    So taking the example above, at half time. If I’m looking to place a free bet, I really need to look for higher odds to maximise my profit level. I don’t want to go too high (15.0+) as this may draw attention to our account and get our account bonus banned (gubbed).

    As we are looking manually, we really need 3 tabs open - bookmaker, exchange & yesbets matched betting calculator. It’s really all about knowing what sort of odds range you are looking for (if this was a qualifying bet, low odds may provide a closer match). I’m going to be looking for higher odds. We also need to keep in mind our exchange balance, the higher the odds the more funds we need to get the bet fully matched (not partially matched).

    Once you have completed lots of sign up offers, you should be familiar with the matched betting process and can do all the required checks quickly:

    • Check back & lay odds (and update if required)
    • Check exchange liquidity - will our bet be fully matched straight away? (and exchange liability vs exchange balance)
    • Place back bet
    • Place lay bet
    • Check all is placed successfully - important step often missed
    • Save bet to yesbets

    It really depends how the game is going, if the game is really tight and 0-0, you can find a match at half time a little more difficult, but still possible.

    I would always start with 1x2 market, we can see
    Burnley 11.0 @ Paddy Power, 12.0 @ Betfair, = £7.95 profit
    Draw 4.4 @ Paddy Power, 4.4 @ Betfair = £6.55 profit

    Other markets that can provide decent liquidity in-play are

    • Correct Score
    • Half Time / Full Time (HT/FT)
    • Goals over / under

    I’ll be taking Burnley 11.0/12.0, providing us £7.95 profit, close enough to the 80% we are looking for.

  • Tracking Manual Bets

    Yesbets accounting works exactly the same way for manual bets, we still record all the bets and allow you to settle in the same way. We just need to enter the “bet details” manually

    Manual Bet Details