If Bet Loses, Get Free Bet

Reloads that offer you a free bet if your bet loses, with no other triggering conditions, are among the best reloads available. There are two main options for taking advantage of these offers.

Option 1 - Lock In Profit

You can lock in profit with these offers by using the bet type ‘1st bet refund’. This makes a little less profit than the second option, but makes guaranteed profits regardless of outcome. This option accounts for the free bet you will receive if your back bet loses by calculating your lay bet such that you make roughly the same amount of profit regardless of outcome. 

If you’re using the manual OddsMatcher, you can set the bet type to ‘1st bet refund’ from the options above the results table.

If you’re using the reload page OddsMatcher, you can change bet type by opening one of the matches and using the dropdown. Look for matches at higher odds, as these return better profits with 1st bet refunds.

Option 2 - Place An Unlikely Back Bet

The second option is to simply back a selection that is very unlikely to win, laying as normal. If, as is expected, your qualifying back bet loses, you get a free bet which you can back and lay for profit. However, if your qualifying back bet wins, you won’t make a profit. 

If it comes off, this option returns more profit than the first option, but there is the risk that your first back bet will win.