• Sometimes money is taken on the exchange faster than you can place the bet, meaning that your bet is only partially matched. We often find this when matched betting on horse racing where there can be limited liquidity (amount of money in the exchange at the required odds) in the exchange or when placing bets just before the start time of the event.

    Lets dive straight into an example, as getting this resolved is pretty quick and simple with use of the yesbets matched betting calculator advanced settings.

  • Example

    Matched Bet

    Let’s say that you wanted to lay "Minellahalfcentury" (Wincanton 15:10) for £14.47 at odds of 3.85 and you place your bet, but there is only £2 in the exchange. £2 of your £14.47 lay is matched at 3.85, but now the odds are 4.00 and you still have £12.47 remaining that you need to get matched at odds of 3.85.

     Matched Bet

    As with all matched bets we place, we always place the black bet first (this time with skybet) before we place the lay bet. So currently with the partially matched bet at the betfair exchange we are not guaranteed equal profit whatever the outcome.

    In this situation you have 2 options.

  • Option 1 - Wait

    Firstly you could leave it for a while and check back to see if the lay odds have dropped again and your bet has been taken. There is a risk involved here, because the lay odds may drift further, leaving you with no chance of getting the final £12.47 matched and you will then have to lay at much higher odds eating into your profits.

  • Option 2 - Lay At The New Odds

    Secondly you can use the advanced settings on the yesbets calculator to work out how much you should lay at the new odds of 4.0 to ensure that your matched bet remains equal.

    Lets open the yesbets calculator and change the toggle from “basic” to “advanced

     Advanced Option

    We now see some additional settings at the bottom - “Part Lays

     Part Lay

    In these sections, lets add in the values of the lay stakes we currently have matched, so its £2 staked at 3.85.

    We also need to add the current back bet we have in place and the new lay odds (4.0).

     Calculator - Part Lay

    We are now provided with a new lay amounts to place £11.83 at odds of 4.0. This would then provide us with a matched bet that provides equal profit of £13.82 (instead of the original £13.75)



    Before placing the new lay, please make sure to cancel the current unmatched lay bet. As we would not want this to also get matched before the event starts.Sometimes money is taken on the exchange faster than you can place the bet, meaning that your bet is only partially matched


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