Placing Your Free Bet

  • Once you have placed your qualifying bet, you will be given 4 £5 free bets to use at Coral. The process works in the same way as the qualifying bets, but this time you are placing your bets at the bookmaker with their money and not your own. This is where you can make your profit. 

  • Step 1 Find a Close Match

    We follow the same process as when we placed our qualifying bet. Only this time, you will see that all the results show a profit. 

    In this example we can see that there is also a match for the Italy v Ukraine match (Away win, meaning Ukraine to win). 

    Click the blue icon again to bring up the Popup which will tell you how much to bet.

    At Coral the odds are 6.5 on Ukraine to win and at Betfair, the lay odds are 7.8 for Ukraine to win. Next we need to check that these odds are still correct, so click "GO TO CORAL" and "GO TO BETFAIR"

    When we click through, you can see that the odds have actually changed for both sides of the bet. This won’t normally be the case, but we’ll use it to show you what you need to do. 

    On Coral, the odds are now 6.0, instead of 6.5, so we need to go back to the popup and change the back odds to 6.0.

    On Betfair, the odds are now 7.6 to lay Ukraine, so we need to go to the popup and enter the new value of 7.6.

    By entering the new values the popup will calculate your new lay stake (the amount you need to lay at betfair) and will show you your new overall profit if you place both of these bets. If still looks like a good profit, place the bets. If it doesn’t, simply pick another result from the OddsMatcher table.

  • Step 2 Place Your Free Bet

    Once you have you have checked that the odds are correct, go to the coral website and select the market that you want. In this example Ukraine to win. This will add the bet to your betslip. This time don’t add a stake. Instead select the free bet from the dropdown in the betslip to use your free bet. Then place the bet.

  • Step 3 Place Your Exchange Bet

    Next head over to betfair and place your lay bet (in this example £3.31) and press place bet. 

    Notice the liability number in this example is £21.85. This is how much you must have in your Betfair account to place your lay bet. This is what you will pay out in betfair if your bet wins at the bookmaker. Don’t worry though, if your bookmaker wins, you will win £25 at Coral.

  • Step 4 Save Your Bet and Settling Your Bet

    Next you need to save your bet at Yesbets by clicking "Confirm & Save". 

    Once the event is over. Come back to this page and press the orange icon to indicate whether your back bet (bet at Coral) won, or your lay bet (bet at betfair) won. No matter what happens you will have made £3.15 profit. You can repeat this 3 more times with your free £5 bets.