The internet is full of all sorts of things, from the wonderful to the wacky to the downright bonkers. Online casinos appear high up in the “Wonderful” column, for they offer joy, entertainment, and riches to millions of people around the world.

Exact statistics on the internet are hard to come by, but it’s estimated that there are more than 1.5 billion active websites on the world wide web. There are thousands of online casinos on the web – at a conservative estimate, let’s say there are 15,000, or approximately 1 out of every 100,000 websites. But casinos punch above their weight, drawing in players from all demographics and all nations.

How have online casinos become so popular among internet users? In this article, we’ll give an overview of the top 4 benefits of playing online casinos.


The number one reason for the popularity of online casinos is that they are entertaining. Casino-goers have always been drawn to gambling as much for the entertainment as the prizes. There’s a reason Vegas casinos and other physical casinos provide so much glitz and glamour around their products. 

Register for an online casino and you’ll find hundreds and often thousands of games with all sorts of exciting themes. There are table games, live casino games, slots with classic or film themes. As online gambling technology has become more sophisticated, casino games developers have found ways to make their games ever more entertaining. For example, 3D slots are growing in popularity. Online casinos are seen as a sub-category of online gambling, but they are as much a rival to PS4, fantasy sports, and other forms of online entertainment.

Access to new sites

Nobody could have predicted how big online casinos would become when the first one launched all the way back in 1994. In the early days of online gambling, very few people actually had access to internet quick enough to support casino games. All that has changed in the past 10-15 years and now most gamblers have the ability to access online casinos from their desktop or mobile.

No official figures exist, but it’s clear that the online casino industry is growing exponentially. In the United Kingdom, dozens of new online casinos, betting sites, and bingo sites open every month. As evidence, we present the following list of recently launched casino sites in the UK. The constant growth of casino sites is great for players: with such easy access to new gambling platforms, it’s impossible to get bored.


One of the great advantages online casinos have over their land-based rivals is the bonuses. Online casinos aren’t restricted by floor space and overheads, which leaves them more money to share with players.

The most common way for online casinos to reward their players is through bonuses. Internet casinos offer many types of bonuses that players should become familiar with. These include welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins bonuses for use with slots games.

Big prizes

Last, but far from least, on the list of benefits offered by online casinos is the prizemoney. Casinos have had a reputation for big rewards for hundreds of years, and online casinos are no different in this regard.

The biggest source of online casino prizemoney is the progressive jackpot game. Every year, a few lucky people win million-dollar plus jackpots on progressive games. What you’ll hear less about is the hundreds of thousands of people who win 5-digit or 4-digit prizes ranging from around $1,000 to $999,000. Online casinos are generous when it comes to prizemoney!