There are many different types of bets, and single is the simplest. It’s probably the type of bet that most people start out with before moving on to more complex positions. But does this mean that single bets aren’t worth considering or do they have an important role in delivering a healthy profit?

Here’s a look at single bets with all the facts you need to know.

What is a Single Bet?

Before we move on any further, we’re just going to take a moment to explain exactly what a single bet is.

A single is the complete opposite of an accumulator or multiple, where you place a bet based on just one outcome. It’s the type of bet that’s the easiest to understand and you don’t need any complicated calculators to figure out the potential returns.

With a single, all the risk is based on one event; if you’ve bet the right way, you’ll receive a payout. If your choice didn’t come in, then you’ll lose. It really is as straightforward as that.

Many bettors begin with singles before moving on to accas and other types of multiples such as a Trixie bet, Lucky 15 or a Yankee.

The Pros & Cons of Single Bets

Just like all type of bets, there are pros and cons to playing with singles:


  • Simple stake and profit calculation so less room for errors
  • You only need one result to receive a payout
  • There are many singles tips available
  • The win rate is higher than with combination bets
  • It’s the most popular type of bet so there’s lots of competition to offer the best odds
  • Can play on every market


  • If you bet on the favorite the returns will be pretty low
  • You may need to bet a high stake to get a good profit
  • You’ll have to back an outsider to get the best odds
  • You need to be very confident that you’ve predicted the right outcome; an each way bet may be preferable if there’s less certainty.

As can be seen from the above, there are many reasons why bettors love singles and why even the most experienced players choose them time and again. You won’t get the higher returns that combination bets offer but the win rate is far superior so it’s a careful balancing act to consider. Much depends on the odds which are available and your own personal attitude to risk.

Using Singles for Advanced Betting

Singles can sometimes be used in a different way, particularly if you’re using a betting exchange. Matched betting works well with singles, with two separate singles placed on different outcomes. When used in this way, singles can hedge a bet, allowing you to lay your bet with an exchange as well as placing a traditional single bet to win.

This is a popular strategy which enables betting with a much lower risk, and a carefully calculated stake to ensure a profit is reached whatever the result. Although a lay bet is a type of single, the losses can be much greater. It’s therefore essential to understand how laying a bet works to use this type of strategy successfully.

Although we said higher up that singles were different from accumulators, there are some similarities. Many accumulators are nothing more than a series of singles which are connected. The only difference is that with an acca, you won’t get a payout after the first event as all of the singles must be winners to get the enhanced profit.

Singles Strategy

When placing a single bet it’s essential to have a high degree of confidence that your chosen subject will win. That might be a football team you’re backing or a horse you’ve picked out as the winner. The phrase “winner takes all” applies here; second place will win you nothing.

Although you will inevitably be looking for good returns, never place a single bet purely on the basis of high odds. Instead look for winners which appear to be offering value. This means that the horse is generously priced compared to its actual chance of winning - it doesn’t mean backing a rank outsider at 100/1! If you can find a bookie offering Best Odds Guaranteed you won’t need to worry about the price drifting and losing out. Conversely, if the price shortens you’ll have locked in very competitive odds.

As a general rule, if the price is over 5/1 you could consider an each way bet which is technically two bets combined into one. Under 5/1 there’s not really enough value to place anything other than a single.

Find the Best Odds at Yesbets

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