Betting offers up many opportunities to win big returns and in many cases the best payouts don’t come from placing singles. If you don’t like the sound of a traditional acca, a Trixie bet offers an interesting interim point and could appeal.

A Trixie Bet might sound complicated but it’s surprisingly simple and could net you those all-important returns. Check out the easy-to-follow Yesbets guide to Trixie betting with all the info you need to know to get started.

What Is a Trixie Bet?

In straightforward terms, a Trixie bet is nothing more than a series of multiple bets combined together in one deal. There are no singles on a Trixie but you’ve got an excellent chance of scooping a decent win because of the way the selections are combined.

The easiest way to think of a Trixie is of a treble bet but with three double bets attached. You’ll be placing four bets on three selections; it’s a similar concept to a Lucky 15 but on a smaller scale. Also like the Lucky 15, a Trixie works extremely well with horse racing. To walk away as a winner you’ll need at least two of your horse racing tips to come in, but it doesn’t matter which ones. Unlike a traditional accumulator you won’t lose everything if one horse doesn’t get the result you wanted.

This is why Trixie bets are so popular; there’s not the same pressure that you’ll find with a traditional accumulator. If one of your horses doesn’t win, all is not lost. This means that not only will you still be in with a shout of winning, it’s still fun too! There’s nothing more depressing than watching the rest of your races on an accumulator when you’ve already crashed out with one loss.

Where Does the Name Come From?

The Trixie bet is nothing new; punters have been betting using this system for decades. However, the potential for real returns is so great that it’s not been superseded by other more modern systems. If you want to go bigger a Lucky 15 or a Yankee can offer greater exposure, but there’s greater risk too. What’s particularly attractive about the Trixie is that it keeps things relatively simple for players who are just starting to venture into more complex positions.

It’s rumoured that the Trixie bet was named after an English noblewoman who was partial to betting on the greyhounds. Beatrice, or Trixie as she preferred to be known, got fed-up of losing and requested the King to create a new system in her honour. And thus, the Trixie system was born - or at least that’s what legend suggests!

If the stories are true then bettors have lots to be grateful to the original Trixie for because the system allows combination betting without any mathematical gymnastics that other options require. Simple and straightforward, everyone should give Trixie a go at least once in their betting lives…

An Example of a Trixie Bet

When you see an example of how a Trixie bet in practice, it’s much easier to appreciate the simplicity of how it works.

You decide to back Horses A, B and C and place the following bets:

  • A treble on horses A, B and C to all win
  • A double on horses A and B to win
  • A double on horses A and C to win
  • A double on horses B and C to win

You can see from the above that it’s not imperative for every horse to win for your Trixie bet to offer a good return. As long as at least two of your choices romp home, you’ll be quids in.

Suitable for Other Sports Too

A Trixie bet doesn’t just work well for horse racing, it’s also extremely compatible with other sports. Football punters are particularly keen on Trixie and it’s frequently used alongside a bet such as First Goal Scorer.

It works in exactly the same way as in horse racing, with three doubles and a treble bet based on three subjects. So for a First Goal Scorer bet you’d select three different matches and a potential goalscorer in each. This would produce the variables, and the potential returns that a Trixie Bet is renowned for.

Betting Each Way

It’s not always easy to pick out winners, especially when you’re choosing from a field of horses in their prime. If you’re not confident about the win but feel pretty sure your horse will be placed you might want to consider an each way Trixie bet instead.

The principle is no different than the basic Trixie bet, with four selections based on three subjects. However, rather than backing your selections to win you place an each way bet instead.

As a very rough rule of thumb, if the odds on your bet are 2/1 or less, Trixie betting tips suggest it’s not worth backing your selection for anything but a win. If you really aren’t confident of nabbing top spot, it might be more worthwhile to look for another bet to place instead. Market movers which are drifting out can be excellent for each way bets so keep a close eye on the odds as they develop pre-race.

If you’ve picked up odds which are longer than 2/1, an each way Trixie bet can be an excellent option. Remember that your stake will double compared to a win-only Trixie and take that into account in your calculations. As an each way Trixie bet can involve many more possible permutations, you might find it useful to check out your selections on a Trixie calculator before placing your bets. This ensures that you’ll get the returns you want and can bet with the appropriate stake accordingly.

Check out Yesbets for the Top Trixie Bets

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