Accounts - Track Your Matched Betting Performance

At Yesbets we provide the tools to make matched betting easy. We track your profit, bets and betting balances so you always know where you stand. Simply add your current balances at each bookmaker to Yesbets, then every time you find a match using our OddsMatcher software there is an option to save the bet. Once you settle the bet we’ll update your betting balances and calculate your profit.

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  • Yesbets Balances


    It’s important when you are matched betting to know where your money is. When you are matched betting you will have money in lots of different betting accounts. Each time you place a bet and it settles, money will move from one betting account to another (with some additional profit on top if you’ve placed a free bet).

    Think of it like this. Every time you place a matched bet and the event finishes, if it wins at the bookies, money from your exchange will move to your bookie account and if it loses, money will move to your exchange account from your bookmaker account. With Yesbets, every time you place a bet and settle it, we’ll automatically update your balances and track your profit. At any point you can always see all of your betting transactions and balances in one place.

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  • My Bets

    My Bets

    When you’re matched betting you will no doubt have plenty of different bets on at different bookmakers. You can see all of your current and historic bets in the My Bets section. Once the bet has finished, you can settle them and this will update your balances and overall profit figure.

    Every time you find a match using our OddsMatcher software you have an option to save the bet. Then when the event has finished, you can come back and settle the bet. You simply click back win or lay win and Yesbets will update your balances and overall profit figure.

    The My Bets section is also handy for checking for any free bets that you may have. Each bet that you save has a notes section allowing you to note down if it was a qualifying bet and when the free bet expires for the offer you are completing.

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  • Matched Betting Profit


    With Yesbets, your overall profit is recorded with every bet that you make. This is done automatically upon settling your bets. This saves you time and allows you to focus on the process of matched betting, as opposed to filling out spreadsheets and tracking your performance.

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