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Full stadiums and a fantastic atmosphere make the Bundesliga one of the most popular football leagues on the planet nowadays. Just like you’d expect, the Germans rarely get it wrong - the organization is top-notch with attacking football full of young talent to go along with it. Take a look at our free betting tips for the bundesliga as well as some tasty betting offers to go with them.

When it comes to elite-tier leagues that include Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and English Premier League, the Germans have a reputation for having the best young talents in their ranks. This is no coincidence - fantastic organization gives young players the best chance to shine within a system.

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Goals Galore

With so many young players, naivety can sometimes be involved in matches result-wise. So, if a team has an advantage, they’ll rarely fall back and look for counter-attacks. Instead, most teams will attack because that’s what they do best. As expected, this results in plenty of turnarounds and loads of goals.

The focus in the Bundesliga is the modern style of play. High defensive lines and ball-playing centre-backs are all at the heart of it. So, it’s no wonder that even the best teams like Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund get caught on the breaks even when they have a big lead.

Betting on over 2.5 goals is the best shout in Bundesliga, and they rarely disappoint. If you’re feeling brave, why not go for over 3.5, especially in the biggest derbies where the intensity and will to score is even bigger than usual.

Due to its popularity, Bundesliga is highly-regarded in the betting world. So, if you’re going for a riskier bet, you’ll want to make use of a welcome offer, such as one at Unibet where they give you the money back for up to £40 if your first bet fails.

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Long Break

Injuries are a problem everywhere in the world of football nowadays. Due to the hectic schedule, players’ bodies can’t keep up and they go through a lot in a single season. However, this is where Bundesliga is different.

They finish the first part of the season after 17 matches, and the teams go on a four-week break. Afterward, players are fully fresh and rested, roaring to go to the finish line. So, unlike in some other leagues, you can’t really count on the underdogs to surprise the favored opposition in the second half of the season. However, there is a catch. Due to less matches and bigger breaks in Bundesliga, top teams usually aren’t ready as much for the European matches awaiting in the middle of the week.

So, the managers often turn to resting their best players in Bundesliga if they have a European clash coming up. If you follow this closely, there’s a big chance of finding a sensational win and profit a ton off of it.

The Final Day of the Season

The last fixture of the season can produce some historic moments. However, Bundesliga is right up there with the amount of drama in the final seconds of the season. Whether it’s the title, relegation, or European spots battle, placing an accumulator bet on the last fixture of Bundesliga is guaranteed fun!

The best example of this was the 2000/01 season when Bayern and Schalke were fighting for the title. The Bavarians needed just a point against Hamburg to secure the Bundesliga. However, out of nowhere, Sergej Barbarez scored for HSV and threw Bayern into the abyss with Schalke winning their match. But then, in the last seconds of the match, Bayern scored for the title and a heart-break at Veltins Arena where the fans were already celebrating the title. All of this happened just a season after Bayern also won the title in the last fixture, only this time it was Leverkusen.


As everyone knows, Bayern is a force to be reckoned with in Bundesliga, but there are some opponents that hurt them more than the others. So, traditionally, Leverkusen have a tendency of upsetting Bayern, even at Allianz Arena. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for big odds to bet on

The World Cup Year

World Cup is perhaps the biggest footballing event on the planet. This is why every player will give their best in order to shine at the biggest stage. In the context of Bundesliga, this means that the top teams will have their players return from a tiring summer full of training and football. So, it’ no coincidence that Bayern struggled mightily in the 2018/19, while they lost the title in both the 2010/11 and 2006/07 seasons.

Rising Tides

With a big influx of new coaches and fresh ideas, Bundesliga is growing rapidly throughout the years. So, every season there’s an overachieving side that nobody expected near the top. You can make the prediction by closely following the trends in the first and second division both and lurk for the potential game-changers.

RB Leipzig is a good example of this; they managed to get into the Europan spots in their first season in the Bundesliga. Granted, everyone knew they had the money, but looking at their team at the time, few expected them to make such an excellent result.

However, this goes both ways. There are plenty of one-season wonders in Bundesliga and don’t be surprised to see some overachieving side falling down the cliff in the season after. This happened with Wolfsburg, who won the title in 2009 but didn’t come close to repeating the success ever since.

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