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Let’s start with a caveat. Anyone can make money from matched betting. Like anything, it’s easy when you know how. And Yesbets provides step-by-step tutorials and instructions for every sign-up offer and reload it posts.

Increasingly, though, mums are one demographic that seems to be keen on matched betting. Plenty of discussions on respected forums like Mumsnet show that there are scores of mums out there already placing back and lay bets at Yesbets - and this is a trend that is set to grow.

Legal, Tax Free Profit

Mums Daily Schedule

There is no pigeonholing here. Every mum is different, every situation is different. Mums are just one of many social demographics that, in recent times and thanks to the Internet and pioneering sites like Yesbets, are drawn to matched betting, for numerous reasons. Students are another. The idea of completely legal, tax free profit is an idea that is surely saleable to any demographic. So what’s the catch?

A quick glance at any of the Mumsnet chats about matched betting reveals that this is a key concern for mums, as it would be for anyone new to the idea. Of course, as any seasoned matched bettor will assure, there is no catch. Betting is a completely legal, multi-billion pound industry. Matched betting equally as legal. And, arguably, it is also more ethical. Matched betting involves taking money back from the bookmakers - using the free bets they offer to ensure profit and eradicate risk.

The only downside to matched betting is that bookies don’t like it. They want to make money from us, rather than the other way round. We might, if we don’t follow Yesbets tips and advice, find ourselves gubbed or our bookmaker accounts restricted. But, if we do follow Yesbets recommendations, we can keep our matched betting activities under bookies’ radars and keep earning tax free profits to subsidise our incomes for a minimal time outlay.

So the question on your lips is “How much can I make?” Most mums would agree that time is precious. But 20 minutes per day that could see us pay for a family holiday at the end of the year is a great attraction, and is no doubt a key reason for the increasing popularity of matched betting among mums.

Backing & Laying

Coral Matched Betting Example

Matched betting involves backing a bet at a bookmaker (say, betting for Chelsea to win) and laying that bet at a betting exchange like Betfair (betting against Chelsea to win). By covering all outcomes, we have ensured that our initial bet - the qualifying bet - might make a minimal loss. Typically, we are looking to make no more than a pound loss from this qualifying bet.

But because bookmakers’ sign-up and reload offers give us free bets once we have made our qualifying bets, we can then make an overall profit because we are backing and laying once more and we are using free money to cover our outcomes, therefore guaranteeing profit.

So, William Hill offers us 3x £10 free bets when we sign-up for a William Hill account and place a bet of £10. We make a £1 loss on this first £10 bet, because we have chosen the best match from the Yesbets OddsMatcher and backed and laid both outcomes. So we are down £1. But then William Hill gives us £30 free, to use as we will. We back and lay the £30 of free money, losing £6 but making a £24 profit. That makes a total overall profit of £23 from a £10 outlay. Not bad for 20 minutes work while the kids are doing their homework.

Read All About It

As a generalisation, mums tend to like to be fully informed when they undertake a venture. This is a key part of Mumsnet’s success. Originally devised as a site that allows parents to “swap advice about not just holidays but all the other stuff parents talk about”, the site now attracts over 10 million unique visitors per month.

Yesbets has a similar ethos. Each sign-up offer (earned when we first sign-up to a bookmaker) and reload promotion (accessed once we have signed up and used the first sign-up offer) is clearly detailed with “What You Need to Know” bulletpoints guiding us through each bonus. We also have access to detailed step-by-step video tutorials to guide us through the offers.

Premium members are invited to the private Facebook group. This is a forum through which every Yesbets matched bettor can interact with each other, share tips and advice and ad-hoc promotions they have spotted. Much like Mumsnet, then.


Coral Tutorial - Step by Step

Keeping Track

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Another seeming key concern among matched betting mums is the need to keep track of profits earned from matched betting. There are other matched betting sites out there (though none as good - tongue out, winking smiley) but only Yesbets keeps track of our proceeds with its unique accounting software. We can therefore see how much we have put in, where and when we have withdrawn money and our running profit total. Other sites require the use of external spreadsheets that we need to download and update, a dual-step process that makes their matched betting processes much more laborious. The Yesbets accounting software allows us to keep tabs on exactly where we are, up to the minute and up to the pound. The whole matched betting concept is easy, so why make it difficult?

Yesbets My Bets Page

Indifferent, Or Passionate

I know as many mums who are keen sports fans as I know who don’t have any interest in it whatsoever. One of the beautiful things about matched betting is that you don’t have to have any interest in sport to use it to supplement your income. The tips and advice that we mentioned earlier? Following these step-by-step instructions guides us through each offer, while also helping us to stay under the bookies’ radars to ensure the longevity of our matched betting exploits. Bet on your team, bet on another team, who cares? In fact, it’s often better to not have a vested interest in the outcome of any game. Shrug your shoulders as your partner cries into a cushion. It doesn’t matter. We’ve made guaranteed profit from matched betting. We’ll just help ourselves to a celebratory gin. Just the one, mind.


I nearly didn't bother with matched betting after discovering it because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to learn how to do it - I don't know one end of a football from the other, and had never placed a bet in my life. The Yesbets tutorials and walkthroughs made everything so easy, and the Facebook support group is brilliant. Not once have I been made to feel stupid. I have to fit my matched betting around 3 kids, so I take it slowly but my bankroll is building up, and I hope it will be a regular income for a few years to come yet. I've loved learning something new, especially something that pays! I'm having great fun!


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