Already Done Some Matched Betting?

Add Your Exchange & Bookmaker Balances

By letting us know what your current betting balances are, we can tailor the bets to suit available funds. To add your current exchange balances simply select the exchange that you want and enter the balance. Even if the balance is 0 it’s still worth telling us and you can update it when you deposit either here or on the balances page.

The next step is to add your bookmaker balances. This will complete your setup with Yesbets and allow us to completely tailor odds and bets to your balances. Even if your bookmaker balance is 0, enter it as 0, then you can add funds using the links here or on the balances page.

Placing Bets

Once you have added your betting balances, you can then start placing bets. Whenever we can pull live odds we will display them in tables like this. We do this for qualifying and free bets and you simply click a blue icon to pull up the details. You then click through to the various pages, place your bets and then press confirm and save. Once the event has finished you settle the bet and let us know if the back or lay won, checking that your returns and liability are correct. You can change these values when you settle if they have changed at all.

Other Features

On the dashbaord you will see a list of signup offers, you can go into each one and that you have already completed and click I’ve already completed this offer. This will then remove it from the dashboard

You can find manual matches on our manual matches page. You can refine by bookmaker or by sport, click this link for lots of refine options.

You can also check the daily reloads available on the reloads page. You can click on each one for specific instructions and to place your bets, you can then see a list of reloads that you’ve done in the my reloads section.

You can see a list of all bets you have made in the my bets section, this is a good place to come and settle your bets if you have been doing lots of offers.

Next there is the calculator page, this is for if you need to calculate matches manually, you can select from various options such as normal bets Stake not returned bets, first bet refunds and you can also calculate underlay and overlay bets.

Finally there is the balances page, this shows you your balances for each betting account that you have. From here you can go into each account and update your balance if you’ve had a punt, as well as add your deposits and withdrawals.