• This strategy works well with free spin offers (see caviate below). On our casino sign up page and our casino reload pages, we upload hundreds of casino offers every week, that require you to deposit to claim some free spins.

    Note - this does not work across the board with all casino free spin offers - there are lots of casinos that remove the free spins from your account if they detect you trying to withdraw. Any offer where we suggest low stakes blackjack for wagering as a potential, is because we have tried and tested it. That said, Casino’s change their processes all the time, so always complete at your own risk.

  • Why Blackjack?

    For the offers that require us to wager our deposit once before we can withdraw or before we receive the free spins (or alternative offer), our aim is to minimise the qualifying loss, we make our profit from the free spins or bonus .

    We select blackjack as it carries the highest RTP (return to player) value - 99.54%. The casino (or house) only carries an edge of 0.4597% over us players over the long run. This bit is really important - over the long run. Don’t expect to lose exactly 0.4597% of your deposit every time you play, this is not the way it works.

  • Why Low Stakes Stakes?

    As we stated above, the RTP is over the long term, calculated over thousands of hands or slot spins. We cannot expect to walk away with virtually the same amount as we deposited each and every time. By playing the lowest stake available on blackjack, it allows us to complete the max amount of hands available and therefore give us a better chance of getting closer to the RTP. 

    Even at £1 stakes, if we are completing an offer that requires us to deposit and wager £20, we could easily end up £10 down or £10 up as twenty hands is such a small sample size and the RTP can vary massively. However, if you trust in the perfect strategy and the long term EV, even if you end up being £10 down on this offer, it will even itself out over the long term.

    Some video blackjack games allow lower that £1 stakes, this is game and site specific, but even polaying at £0.50 stakes instead of £1 allows double the amount of hands.

    50p Blackjack Stakes

  • Key Points


    • Never increase your stake - You may have played 20 x £0.50 hands and lost them all, never increase your next hand stake.
    • Means to an end - Leave the emotion that the casino want you to feel at the door. Stick to the low staking plan and perfect blackjack strategy.
    • Never change losses - if you are £10 down after wagering your deposit, withdraw and walk away. Never try to win this back.
    • Never keep playing - once wagering is complete - stop.
    • Stick with the staking plan set out and believe in the long term EV. We are not here to gamble.


  • Perfect Blackjack Strategy

    Make sure when wagering these deposits on blackjack to use the perfect strategy, as you only get the RTPs and house edge quoted above if you follow this strategy:

  • Video Blackjack v Live Blackjack

    I always opt for video / graphical blackjack for wagering. There are some on the community that feel the graphical blackjack are fixed, however I believe it´s just the luck of the draw. Blackjack, like other casino games you can go on bad runs, this is why we need to look at long term value.

    Video blackjack allows really quick wagering at low stakes, you are the only player playing the game and once the hand is over, you are ready to play the next one. On the other hand live blackjack can be very time consuming especially at peak times, you might have a full table of users that can take time to decide on how they are going to play.

    Live Blackjack

  • Blackjack Neo with Suggestion

    This is one such video blackjack that provides you the perfect blackjack strategy! It will provide you with the option underlines, so saving you even more time

    Blackjack Suggestions

  • Alternative Low Risk Slot Wagering Strategy

    Other users prefer to stay away from blackjack and stick with slot games. Low variance slots will provide small wins regularly. Something like Bloodsuckers 1 with a 98% RTP (2% house edge) could do the trick.

    Always select max lines, minimum spin value (£0.25 per spin on Bloodsuckers). However as wagering will be over such a small sample size, there can be a huge variation on the RTP.

    Bloodsuckers 1

  • Must I Wager My Deposit?

    We have lots of users ask if they need to wager their deposit before they withdraw. There are lots of places that do allow this to take place. It’s unknown what sort of effect this has on your account in the long term. So it’s really up to you if you want to risk doing this. In the majority of cases, I would wager my deposit before withdrawing.