This is your matched betting dashboard. Work your way down from top to botton, we list offers in the order we reommened completing. 

1Learn The Basics

The first thing to do is read the Matched Betting Basics tutorials. There are a number of tutorials that will explain the basic concepts required for matched betting. We would advice reading / watching all videos within these tutorials. 

Matched Betting Basics

2Coral Offer

Once You’ve read through the beginner tutorials, you can proceed to the Coral offer where we will walk you though step by step how to make your first profit. We talk you through each section with video tutorials. You will have read the tutorial on how we make £15 in 5 minutes from the basic tutorials above. We are now ready to put all we have leart into practice. Make sure to complete each step in turn, and if you need any help please don´t hesitate to ask any questions on the bottom of the tutorial or get hold of us via live chat. 

Coral Offer

As part of a free yesbets account, you get access to two free bookmaker tutorials (with oddsmatcher). If you would like oddsmatcher for all remaining tutorials, you will need premium yesbets subscription

3Easy To Navigate

As you continue your matched betting journey, you can gain quick access to sign up offers, reloads and casino offers via these boxes.

  • Sign up offers - this will provide you the number of sign up offers you still have to complete on the dashboard
  • Reloads - once you have the majority of sign up offers completed, in order to keep making money from matched betting we will start using the accounts you have created to take advantage of existing customer offers. Yesbets uploads hundreds & thousands of existing customer offers to the site every month. 
  • Casino Sign Up Offers - Not only is it possible to make profit from sports sign up offers, we can also benefit from welcome offers available from casinos. We offer a wide range of recommended casino offers, these vary from no-risk to high risk.
  • Casino Cruncher - this is a product exclusive to yesbets premium members. This is a great way to add some extra profit each week.

Dashboard boxes


4Personalised Features

Once you have completed the tutorial, we recommend you submitting your star rating - this will help us know how easy you found the offer. Any feedback will help us provide extra feedback to other members. If you do have issues, please make sure to let us know (either via questions or live chat). 

Secondly, once the tutorial is complete you can "hide" the tutorial from the dashboard. Don´t worry you can "unhide" at any time, The dashboard by default will show "Active Only" tutorials, so all offers, making it really quick and easy to know where you are up to next time you visit. 



We are all here for the same reason, to make extra tax free profits. But it is really important to make sure you enjoy. You do not need extensive sports knowledge, just make sure to follow the tutorials and ask any questions along the way. Just remember, matched betting can be a steep learning curve, but if you are willing to dedicate the time, there is a huge amount of profits available.