• Liability is one half of the matched betting equation. Watch our video that explains what liability is and how it applies to the world of matched betting.

    What Is Liability?

    A liability is the amount you will pay out if your bet wins at the bookmakers but loses on the exchange. So in this example here we can see we are betting on “Untight” the horse to win. Now if it does win you would win £35 at the bookmaker but you would have to pay out £31.11 at the betting exchange and that is what your liability is. Now if your horse lost you would lose nothing at Coral as this one is a free bet but you would win the stake, which is £4.09 at Betfair.

    So the liability is the amount you will pay out if your bet wins at the bookmaker.

  • Liability & Matched Betting Calculator

    For each time you use our matched betting calculator, we show you the liability you can expect. This is the amount you need in your betfair account in order to cover the bet.

    Calculator Liability

    This value is also a good way to check on the exchange that the bet you are placing is correct. If you see a liability different to the one shown (£405 in this case), you know something is not quite right.

  • Liability & Oddsmatcher

    Whenever you don’t have enough funds in your exchange account to cover this figure we will highligh these matched in red to warn you that you currently don’t have enough funds to complete the match (without further deposits). 

    The red icons are showing matches that you don’t currently have enough funds in the account to currently place. When you try to place without enough funds in the account, the exchange will return with an error message asking you to deposit more funds.


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