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Below you will find all of our #casino articles. We aim to provide you with in depth articles to help you learn more about betting and increase your knowledge. Read on to find out more.

casino Articles
  • Blackjack Low Stakes Wagering

    Blackjack Low Stakes Wagering

    This strategy works well with free spin offers (see caviate below). On our casino sign up page and our casino reload pages, we upload hundreds of casino offers every week, that require you to deposit to claim some free spins. Note - this does not work across the board with.. #casino

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  • Perfect Blackjack Strategy

    Perfect Blackjack Strategy

    Introduction I’m not going to take any credit at all for this one - it all goes to wizardofodds.com In any of my step by step tutorials for casino offers that I complete, you will often see me opt for wagering my deposit on low stakes blackjack (if the ter.. #casino

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  • How to Check Offer Terms?

    How to Check Offer Terms?

    This is the way we deal with all reload offers , we produce a simple strategy. For more infomation on this strategy, please see “reload basic tutorial”. Qualifier - Action required to qualiy for the reward Trigger - The conditions that need to be met Reward - The value y.. #casino

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  • What Are Golden Chips?

    What Are Golden Chips?

    Golden chips are similar to SNR free bets for sports. They allow you to place a bet without using your own cash balance. If your bet with the golden chip wins you do not however receive the stake back with your winnings. Example Offer 5x £1 Premium Blackjack Golden Chips .. #casino

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  • 1p Slot List

    1p Slot List

    Below are a list of our go to online “penny slots”. These slots allow you to change the number of lines, so if we have coins per line set to £0.01 and number of lines set to 1, the spin value will be £0.01. Being able to alter the number of lines being played is a useful tech.. #casino

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  • Slots Myths Explained

    Slots Myths Explained

    There are lots of myths surrounding slots that need to be debunked before you start playing  them. Don’t get sucked in by the bright lights and funky noises. Get your strategy and stick to it. This tutorial aims to debunk a number of popular myths and psychological feelings that you may h.. #casino #slots

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  • What is Variance?

    What is Variance?

    Variance refers to the way that a video slot pays out its winnings to the player. This tutorial explains how low, medium and high variance slots work and how you should utilise them to maximise the bonus expected value. Low Variance Slots Low variance slots pay out smaller amounts more frequently... #casino

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  • Casino Bonus Types

    Casino Bonus Types

    What is a Cashable Bonus? Cashable bonuses are bonuses that can be cashed out as soon as wagering has been fulfilled. These are the most common types of bonuses that are awarded to new players. Example Deposit £100 and receive a £100 bonus, with 20X wagering of the bonus. .. #casino

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  • How to Play Slots?

    How to Play Slots?

    For the purposes of this article when we talk about slots, we mean video slots, as these are the ones that you will be playing with your bonus cash. There are other types of slots, such as one arm bandits and fruit machines, but these are normally found in brick and mortar casinos and pubs in the UK.. #casino #slots

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  • Casino Offer Basic Strategy

    Casino Offer Basic Strategy

    Before starting on more risky casino offers, you need to have a good understanding of how casinos work and what risks are involved. We recommend that you read and understand all of our casino tutorials before you put any of your money at risk. Here are the most important points:   We ca.. #casino

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  • What is a No Deposit Bonus?

    What is a No Deposit Bonus?

    These bonuses will not require you to make a deposit to play in the casino. These are always risk free, as you are not risking your own money. These are often given away on new games to encourage users to try it out. New online casinos also use no deposit bonuses to encoruage signups. In recent .. #casino

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  • How To Complete A Casino Offer

    How To Complete A Casino Offer

    Assessing Value The first step in completing a casino offer is checking that it’s worth completing. You can use the Quick Cruncher to calculate the two main factors you need to consider: expected value and completion rate. Expected Value Expected value (EV) is the average amount you&rsquo.. #casino

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  • Understanding Expected Value

    Understanding Expected Value

    Expected value (or ‘EV’) is the most important idea to understand when completing casino offers. The EV of a casino offer is basically the average amount you would lose or gain per repetition, if you could repeat the offer an infinite number of times. If an offer has positive EV, then c.. #casino

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