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Do you have a to-do list? Maybe at home, in work or even just in life? Does it make you sigh? Do you despair at the mere thought of the scale of it, and wonder how you are ever going to get your teeth stuck into that list and start ticking off those boxes? Do you find the idea of matched betting appealing, but you really don’t want to add another task to your ever-growing list of chores?

Matched betting, as a phenomenon, is becoming increasingly popular among all sorts of people. A friend of mine, Ruby, has recently become a Yesbets member. (Naturally through my refer a friend link. I mean, I might as well earn a tenner if a friend wants to join in the good natured bonhomie.)

So before Ruby joined, she said to me, “I have to say, I’m not fully convinced. It’s sounds like a lot to organise, and I’ve got plenty to keep track of as it is.”

If I was a car salesman, I would have grinned my most toothy smile at this point. Like a fox offering a gingerbread man a ride across the river.

“Relax Ruby,” I said. “Yesbets does it for you.”

Yesbets Does It For You

This is part of the beauty of Yesbets. The site keeps track of the back and lay bets you’ve made, your profits and withdrawals, and gives you a running total right there when you log in. The only organisation you need is to be able to turn on your desktop or laptop and sit down for 20 minutes.

We can also make matched bets on mobile, but I would say the suitability of doing so is dependent on the market we want to bet on. If, say, you’re on your Monday morning commute and you fancy placing a match bet on a Premier League fixture on Sky’s Monday Night Football show (other broadcasters are available) then fine. Go for it on your mobile.

If, however, it’s in the midst of Royal Ascot and you particularly fancy some bookie second place offers but you can’t get to your laptop, I’d say leave it alone. The odds of horse races can drift so fast - especially during big festivals and closer to the off - that by the time we head from the bookmaker site to the betting exchange on our smartphones the odds can have changed dramatically. Also, bookies have been known to slash their odds as a matter of course the closer we get to the race, to counteract any potential shifting in the betting exchanges and ward off the possibility of arb bets.

Track Bookmaker Balances

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Keeping track of everything for you doesn’t apply for a number of other matched betting sites. There are others out there, but many of them require us to manually keep track of our matched bets. With those sites, we must input our figures - like a spreadsheet that you might have to do at work or at Uni and, frankly, don’t want to be doing at home. Or indeed anywhere, any more than you have to.

Thinking about this in simple terms, employing this sort of manual tracking will make things more laborious. Full stop. And, in the long term, it will put you off.

Having it all done for you? Well, isn’t that just the way to easy street?

Don’t get me wrong. We still have to get involved. We still have to choose our market from the results in the Yesbets OddsMatcher and tell the Matched Betting Calculator that we have completed a matched bet. We even have the option to choose to underlay or overlay our bet, depending on the market and our lay bet strategy.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now we’re just talking a few simple clicks of a mouse or trackpad. Ease of use and end-user experience are among the major plusses Yesbets has over its competitors.

Add To Account in 2 Clicks

Pick A Team

It’s tempting to place matched bets on your favourite team - if you’re a football fan. You may note in any one of a number of articles and pages across the Yesbets site that you don’t have to be a football fan to make the most of matched betting. Mums and students are two groups amongst whom matched betting is becoming increasingly popular.

But say you support one of the top six. The so-called big teams. The odds on these teams winning in match betting are often going to be less than 1.5, because they will be heavy favourites. Matched bettors need to blend into the crowd. We don’t want to raise bookie eyebrows at our matched betting ways. If you were a regular punter, would you place a £10 bet if you were only going to see a return of £11?

Going for one of the “smaller” teams - mid table, like a Bournemouth or Southampton, even Everton - will give you much better odds and make you seem more natural.

Scan The Fixtures

I’m not talking in a, “Ooh. Spurs are playing West Ham this weekend. I bet that’s going to be a belter!” kind of a way. Who gives a fudge? Well, you might if you’re a Spurs or West Ham fan. You might if you’re a general football fan and think this is going to be a good game for the neutral.

But one thing Yesbets is finding - and this also applies to my mate Ruby - is that increasing numbers of non-football fans and non-sports fans are turning to matched betting to supplement their incomes and earn a tidy piece on the side. Just don’t tell John Terry or Ryan Giggs that.

So when I say scan the fixtures, I mean have a look to see if there’s a Friday night game, an early Saturday game, a 3pm kick off, 5.30pm kick off, a Super Sunday that sees three games in a row and Monday Night Football. Then there’s Champions League or League Cup action on Tuesday and Wednesday and Europa League on Thursday.

For non-football fans, what was once an exhausting fixture list transforms into a golden opportunity. We can, potentially, make matched bets every day of the week.

Being organised in this way and having a look at the fixtures before the weekend preps us nicely for the matched betting heroics to come. It also lets us scoop the most profits from matched betting and, let’s face it, that’s why we all do it in the first place.

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