Cash Geniue

“Wait,” you say. “I’ve just rubbed this lamp, out you’ve shimmied and now you’re going to give me anything I wish for?” Yeah right!”

Matched betting can sound like a modern, web-based equivalent of the genie in the lamp. This analogy - in fact quite a useful one - would cast Yesbets in the role of Genie and you - yes, you - in the role of Aladdin. That means the bookies jointly take over as Jafar, the betting exchanges as Abu and your other half as Princess Jasmin.

You see, placing a matched bet is the equivalent of rubbing the lamp. (I suppose the Internet can be the lamp. Take another bow, Tim Berners-Lee.) Naturally, if we had a genie we would be asking for a lot more than a few quid from Coral or Ladbrokes. Maybe things like no need for anyone to have to bet at all, maybe for clean water for everyone in the world, maybe for a threesome with Claudia Schiffer and Claudio Ranieri.

Yesbets can’t do those things. Nobody from the team has ever met Claudio Ranieri. (Or so they say.) But Yesbets can help you magic money out of the lamp, by giving you the tools that you need - like the free OddsMatcher and the Matched Betting Calculator - to help you learn matched betting and avoid being gubbed by the power-hungry Jafar.

Give a Man a Fish…

As the saying goes, give the man a bet and he might spaff it on Manchester United to win. But give that man Yesbets and he can supplement his income to the tune of thousands of pounds every month with very little outlay and no risk.

I am, of course, paraphrasing. But you get where I’m coming from. By giving you the tools and top tips to make matched bets, Yesbets is furnishing you with the apparatus to continue to earn tax-free profits every month, with the money in your bookie and exchange accounts there to be drawn out and used for your own amusement whenever you darn well choose.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Of course. That’s why more and more people are doing it. And it’s not limited to any one demographic. Students. Mums. Men. Women. Broadsheet newspapers have previously run editorials describing how women loathe betting, while men love it. Historically, the betting industry is sexist. Ladies posing in bikinis to promote sporting and betting events and other such archaic forms of marketing. So, for many women, matched betting becomes a way of taking that power back from bookmakers. Of standing up and saying, “I will not be objectified - I am worth more than that.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe the one thing that links matched bettors together is their desire to earn some extra dollar to help them through Uni, or to pay for their childcare costs, or to put towards a holiday, or towards a new car.

Whatever the reason, it is a real-life genie-in-the-lamp situation that is open to anybody, legal for everybody and increasingly popular. If this is a bandwagon that sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. But it’s well worth jumping on.

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