• It’s important to extract as much profit from each offer you complete in order to maximise your income over the long term. The main way to do this is by picking events with higher odds on your free bets, this can have a huge impact on your profits.

    As a rule of thumb, we try to stick with an 80% profit from free bets.

    • £5 free bet = £4 profit
    • £10 free bet = £8 profit
    • £20 free bet = £16 profit
  • Odds Examples

    Low Odds

    Back odds 2.0, lay odds 2.1

    £4.63 extracted

    Matched Betting - Low Odds Example

    Medium Odds

    Back odds 5.0, lay odds 5.2

    £7.38 profit extracted

    Matched Betting - Medium Odds Example

    High Odds

    Back odds 11.0, lay odds 12.0

    Extracted profit £7.95

    Matched Betting - High Odds Example

    Very High Odds

    Back odds 20.0, lay odds 22.0

    Profit £8.22

    Matched Betting - Very High Odds Example

  • Liability & Exchange Balances

    Looking at the above examples, we can see the higher the odds the more profit we can extract. Please bear in mind, the higher the odds the higher exchange balance we would need to cover the liability.

    • Lay odds 5.2 = £32,62 liability
    • Lay odds 12.0 = £92.05 liability
    • Lay odds 22.0 = £181.78 liability

    If you have a fairly moderate exchange balance, you might be better sticking with slightly lower odds and slightly lower profit margins. If you lay one £10 free bet at odds of 22 on the exchange, this might take up all your exchange balance and not allow you to complete any further matched betting until the bet has settled.

    It’s also important to not over commit, if you have only £100 in your exchange, you need to make sure your liability does not exceed your balance otherwise the bet will not be placed. The yesbets Oddsmatcher uses all your balances to let you know if you have enough funds in your exchange account to place the full bet successfully.

    Blue Buttons - OK to place (but please check as liquidity can change quickly)
    Red Button - Not enough liquidity in the exchange to fully matched your bet, you can be left with a partially matched bet.
    Orange Button - Not enough funds in your betting / exchange account to place the bet - you will need to deposit additional funds.

     Oddsmatcher liquidity check

  • Sign Ups & Reload Offers

    Other ways to maximise your profit is to complete more offers! Keep working your way through the sign up offers as these are guaranteed profits, also start looking at reload offers. This can be quite daunting as there are a huge list of different type of offers available. Refine the results to initially show the “newbie” reload offers, these are categories for users who are just transitioning from sign up offers to reload offers.


  • Summary

    Aim for around 80% profit return from your free bets at around odds of 8.0. the mid range odds. I wouldn’t risk going any higher than 12.0, as we want to try to keep our accounts as long as possible.