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Below you will find all of our #horse-racing articles. We aim to provide you with in depth articles to help you learn more about betting and increase your knowledge. Read on to find out more.

horse-racing Articles
  • 2nd Place Horse Racing Refund

    2nd Place Horse Racing Refund

    Place a matched bet on a qualifying race and if your horse comes second you will trigger a refund of your bet. With this reload your horse can come 2nd to any horse in the field. Don’t confuse this with the 2nd Place to SP Favourite Reload, or Refund if Your Horse Loses to the Favourite Reload.. #reloads #horse-racing

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  • 2nd Place to SP Favourite Refund

    2nd Place to SP Favourite Refund

    For this refund you only get it if your horse finished 2nd to the horse that starts the race as favourite. This isn’t as lucrative as the standard 2nd place refund reload but can be worth doing if you pick the right races. You need to place a qualifying bet as per usual but follow some simple .. #reloads #horse-racing

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  • What Is a Rule 4 (RF)?

    What Is a Rule 4 (RF)?

    If you are matched betting on horses, you will inevitably come across a Rule 4 at some point. Most people first discover them when they look at their betting history and find that they have been paid (sometimes a lot) less than the stated return when they placed the bet. There is generally no need t.. #matched-betting #horse-racing

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