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Below you will find all of our #matched-betting articles. We aim to provide you with in depth articles to help you learn more about betting and increase your knowledge. Read on to find out more.

matched-betting Articles
  • Glossary


    Normal Bet A normal bet is a bet that has no restrictions and your stake is returned. For example if you were to place a £10 bet at odds of 5.0 and it won, you would receive £40 profit plus your £10 stake back. You will usually be placing normal bets as qualifiers to get a free.. #matched-betting #matched-betting-101

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  • Dragonfish Bingo Strategy

    Dragonfish Bingo Strategy

    A long-standing loophole with Dragonfish bingo software allows us to bypass wagering requirements for first deposits and potentially make good profits. Since these sites are all part of a common network, you should complete these offers one at a time and wait for your winnings to be paid before star.. #matched-betting #bingo

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  • Tote Betting Explained

    Tote Betting Explained

    Overview Tote betting is a type of betting that is different from the fixed-odds betting offered by most bookies. In tote betting, bettors select an outcome and bet on it. The money from all bets placed on a market is put into a single pool of funds. A deduction is made by the provider, and then.. #matched-betting #tote

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  • Placing Your Free Bet

    Placing Your Free Bet

    Once you have placed your qualifying bet, you will be given 4 £5 free bets to use at Coral. The process works in the same way as the qualifying bets, but this time you are placing your bets at the bookmaker with their money and not your own. This is where you can make you.. #matched-betting

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  • Placing Your Qualifying Bet

    Placing Your Qualifying Bet

    Now that you have opened both your exchange and bookmaker accounts, you are ready to start placing some matched bets and generating some profit. Follow the steps below to place your qualifying bet. This will unlock the free bets that will generate your profit. .. #matched-betting

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  • Price Boost Walkthrough

    Price Boost Walkthrough

    Profit boost and enhanced odds mean the same thing. In terms of welcome offers it means that the odds are boosted or enhanced. This will present you with a huge arb opportunity that you can take advantage of whilst matched betting. Read this tutorial on how to lock in guaranteed profit with these of.. #matched-betting #walkthrough

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  • Wagering Walkthrough

    Wagering Walkthrough

    Bookmakers sometimes offer welcome bonuses when you join and make a deposit. This tutorial will talk you through exactly how to take advantage of these offers to lock in a guaranteed profit whilst matched betting, so read on and let us walk you through exactly what you need to do. What is Wagering?.. #matched-betting #walkthrough

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  • What Is a Rule 4 (RF)?

    What Is a Rule 4 (RF)?

    If you are matched betting on horses, you will inevitably come across a Rule 4 at some point. Most people first discover them when they look at their betting history and find that they have been paid (sometimes a lot) less than the stated return when they placed the bet. There is generally no need t.. #matched-betting #horse-racing

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  • Why Use Paypal?

    Why Use Paypal?

    A lot of betting sites accept PayPal for deposits and best of all they don’t charge a handling fee. By using PayPal you can deposit quickly and, more importantly, you can withdraw quickly, meaning you can move onto new offers faster. We also recommend that you deposit funds into your PayPal a.. #matched-betting #matched-betting-101

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