• You may find when you click through from the oddsmatcher or matched betting calculator to either the bookmaker or the exchange the odds are different to the ones published on yesbets.

    The odds at both the bookmaker and exchange are constantly changing, and on events with limited liability at the exchange (horse racing) or on events that are coming close to going in-play, it can take the Oddsmatcher a few extra seconds to catch up with the correct odds.

    If the odds do change, there are a few options

  • Option 1 - Pick a New Event

    The easiest way is to refresh the oddsmatcher table, which will give us the most recent odds available. Once refreshed, we can select a new match from the table.

  • Option 2 - Update The Odds

    If you do want to bet on the same event or have already placed one of the bets (back bet), then you can simple update the odds on the matched betting calculator to find out how much profit you will make.

    We can see from the example below, BetVictor is displaying with odds of 3.5


    However when we visit the site, we can see the odds are actually 3.4

     Bet Victor Odds

    Let’s update the “back odds” within the calculator

     Calculator Odds Change

    The matched betting calculator is saying the back odds should be “3.6”, but when we go through to the bookmaker to check the odds, we can see the odds have dropped to “3.4

    If we wanted to see how this impacts our overall profit from the matched bet, lets update the back odds from “3.6” to “3.4”.

    By altering the odds, this will change the recommended lay stake (in order to provide an equal profit figure whatever the outcome)

    The same applies to the exchange odds. Sometimes we may have already placed the back bet, but when we come to place the lay bet, the odds have changed. All we do in this situation is update the “lay odds” box on the calculator and the lay stake and profit figures will adjust accordingly..

  • Partially Matched Bets

    In some instances because there is lots of money moving in the exchange, we may have placed the back bet successfully and have attempted to place the lay bet, however only a proportion of the lay stake has been successfully matched (this is why the step to check both bets are fully accepted is really important). Take a look at the “Partially Matched Bets” article for more info on how to resolve this issue.